Man’s best friend sometimes needs a helping hand now and again when it comes to accidents in the house. Even those that have been trained to go outside from time to time may not always be able to hold it all.However, you can get rid of dog urine with ease. 

Puppies are often caged when unattended and overnight until they learn to control their bladder until their owners let them out. Many dogs are left on their own for long periods. Whilst they may want to share some affection for their owner’s return, many just need to be let out for a few minutes to do their business.Oops! Get Rid Of Dog Urine in Carpet Without Making A Drama Out Of It 13

Instead of getting upset about it, because that could be passed on to your four-legged family member, keep you cool with these practical steps to get the pee out of the carpet. It makes sense to take care of any as soon as possible to help prevent any uric acid damage. You will want to do this thoroughly as dogs will return to the same site again and again if they think that it is the place they are supposed to pee.

Get The Right Cleaner

Most stores sell ranges of carpet powders and other cleaners which will take the smell of dog urine away. Enzymatic ones will also help break the urine down. Many of these are very effective from the very first use, however, it is important to make sure that the one you choose is compatible with the carpet, so it is wise to do a patch test to make sure it is safe.Oops! Get Rid Of Dog Urine in Carpet Without Making A Drama Out Of It 14Oops! Get Rid Of Dog Urine in Carpet Without Making A Drama Out Of It 15

Some of the leading enzymatic cleaners available to get rid of dog urine through pet stores and online include the RSPCA’s Wee Away, Simple Solution Dog Stain & Odour Remover, and Professional Strength Urine Remover. These all have a good reputation from those that use them. These cleaners activate on contact with the odours and stains and feed on the ammonia crystals and organic matter until they are eliminated. Check to make sure that they are safe to use around pets and children.

There are also a wide range of air fresheners and deodorizers which take the pong out of the air. However only mask the smell, and however nice they are, once they wear off, your dog may be drawn to the same area.

If your dogs are returning to the same spot over and over, it may be time to call in reliable carpet cleaners that have the right equipment to make sure the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. Many people are surprised at how economical it is to get a single room cleaned thoroughly. However, some people are turning to using all-natural solutions which can become multipurpose every day cleaning tools

Eco-Friendly, Natural Solution

First things first, be prepared and keep a couple of old towels around to sop up as much as possible as soon as you can. Towels are more ecologically friendly, just make sure to wash them thoroughly between uses, to ensure your dogs don’t home in on the smell. Urine stains are easier to treat, before the smells soak into carpets, underlay, etc.Oops! Get Rid Of Dog Urine in Carpet Without Making A Drama Out Of It 16Oops! Get Rid Of Dog Urine in Carpet Without Making A Drama Out Of It 17

After removing and solids, find the most absorbent paper towels or regular towels and press into the carpet to absorb as much as possible. Some people prefer to press down the towels with newspapers or magazines – just make sure that they don’t actually touch the wet area and bleed into the carpet.

Next rinse the area with clean water and use the same technique to soak up the rinsed water. Best results are often to take small sections at a time if the area is larger, to make sure that as much urine is rinsed out as possible.

Next spray the area thoroughly with vinegar and pour baking soda over the entire area. The mixture will foam on contact. You should cover the area with a paper towel or a clean, dry towel and wait for it to dry out, about 24 hours.

Last rinse the vinegar and baking soda out and dry.

Vinegar and Baking Soda, the two common household ingredients are usually on hand. Most people find that they are perfect for keeping on hand for other cleaning projects as a safe and natural way to keeping their home clean.

Understanding Why Dogs PeeOops! Get Rid Of Dog Urine in Carpet Without Making A Drama Out Of It 18

Dogs are social animals, so there are a variety of reasons that they may pee in your home. Some will be scent marking their territory. Other may be stressed, anxious or sheer frustration. Or it could be an underlying medical condition. Best to consult a vet before it becomes a regular habit. The whole family will feel better for it.  






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