One day you enter your apartment and start to realize that it has a funky smell to it. You look around, check yourself and then you see your loveable dog, sleeping without a care in the world in the corner. It is when you start to realize who is the culprit and the origin of the smell. Now ,you need to find Solutions on how to remove pet odor. Best Solutions on How to Remove Pet Odor 15

Dogs are smelly creatures, there is no denying it. Certain types of dogs smell more than the others and no matter how much you clean them and take care of them it still will not go away.

But if the dog smells, it is not a problem. The problem starts when the unpleasant odor starts spreading through your apartment. You then have to start taking drastic measures.

General Pet Smell Removal and Locating The SourceBest Solutions on How to Remove Pet Odor 16Best Solutions on How to Remove Pet Odor 17

You know that the dog is the reason why the apartment smells. But you are not going to get rid of it, just the smell. The battle begins. Before you start you have to know that this is not going to be an easy task. It is going to be a long-fought war but stubbornness and not giving up will eventually lead you to success.

First things first, locate the source. Determine which part of the house is most affected and start from there. You also have to determine what is the exact source. It could be pee or wet spots from where the dog sat wet.

                          Clean Everything ThoroughlyBest Solutions on How to Remove Pet Odor 18

Once you find the area which is most affected you need to drop to your knees and start scrubbing hard. And we do mean hard. Examine and clean the area as best as you can and finish up by mopping all of it hard. Great advice is to use a vinegar and baking soda solution which will kill most of the bad smells that affect the area.

However, if the carpet is affected, it is much easier to ask professional house cleaners for help. Sometimes carpets are beyond saving, but cleaning companies can perform something called “steam cleaning” to clean everything out. It is the safest method as it provides a deep wash-up of your carpet and even kills off germs.

Pet Urine Removal

If you eventually realize that the cause of the smell is dog urine, you are in for a treat my friend. Pet urine is one of the worst problems in regards to dog smells that you can have. It Best Solutions on How to Remove Pet Odor 19Best Solutions on How to Remove Pet Odor 20can affect any surface in the worst possible way and takes patience and time to remove.

The worst-case scenario is you have to remove floor tiles and to recarpet the area. This can happen if you don’t clean thoroughly or when you don’t do it often enough. But if you are a clean person it might not come to this.

However, if you still manage to attract urine smell due to your dog being naughty, the best way to remove it is with an enzymatic solution.

This enzymatic dog urine removal really works wonders. You just need to apply it to the affected area, whether it is a wood floor, carpet, or masonry floor and wait for it to dry. It will take some time but the longer it stays more time it will have to eat all the natural enzymes that are causing the smell in the first place. You don’t even have to worry about evaporations and don’t need to open the windows. But what you can do is to put a piece of cardboard over the area where you applied it so it has a better effect.Best Solutions on How to Remove Pet Odor 21

All in all, this is the best way of getting rid of dog smells, besides getting rid of the dog of course, in your home. It is a battle which is hard to fight but certainly one which can be won. Just don’t give up and be persistent until the end. 




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