Dog poop cleaning needs to be done daily if possible, or every other day at the very least. This is because the longer you leave the poop lying around, the greater the chances of it causing serious contamination.Disposing of Poop 

You can make your personalized cleaning schedule depending on the number of dogs you have, their sizes, how often they feed and the type of dog. 

Benefits of Cleaning Your Dog Poop

Apart from keeping your yard clean, disposing of your dog’s poop also has a health benefit. Dog poop has been found to contain parasites and toxic chemicals which can contaminate the soil and which are harmful to humans.Tips for Cleaning Dog Poop Out of Your Yard 7

There are a few things you can do to keep your back or front yard free of dog poop, and looking and smelling fresh again. Even though well-established professional patio cleaners can do it better, you will feel a lot more satisfied with yourself if you do your fair share of cleaning and, if possible, sanitizing your yard after your dog has had a field day there.

Be Sure to Walk Around

Training your dog to poop in one place is not easy, and even with the best trained dog, accidents can and will occasionally happen. That is why, when it comes to cleaning your yard, you need to give it a full go-through.

In your mind, you can divide the yard into sections, going through one section at a time to ensure that you cover every spot.

Start From the Visible

As you walk around your compound, start by picking the poop that is visible. You will find that with all the dog poop, your grass will be well fed and so will grow quite quickly. Do not worry about this, just make a cursory inspection of the grass and first scoop what you can see.Tips for Cleaning Dog Poop Out of Your Yard 8

You can use a pooper scooper or you can use a latex-gloved hand to pick up the poop with a paper towel. This is then disposed of in a plastic bag. You can also use this bag to scoop the poop directly. There are some plastic bags which are specially designed for collecting dog poop and which have a pleasant scent. You can get them at any pet store. Alternatively, you can recycle plastic grocery bags.

Go Lower

After dealing with the surface poop, you should trim the grass a little and using the same method of dividing the yard, go through again scooping any unwanted poop that might have been hiding lower down in the grass.

Spray ItTips for Cleaning Dog Poop Out of Your Yard 9

There are times when the poop is runny either because your dog has an upset stomach, or because of the rain. In this case scooping or bagging can be tricky. There is a special aerosol freeze spray that will freeze the poop. This solidifies the poop making it easier to scoop or bag.

Handy Bucket

As you are walking around picking up or scooping the poop, you need somewhere to put the poop bags. The best thing to do is collect the bags in a plastic bucket lined with a plastic bag. Once you are through with the cleaning, pull the drawstrings of the bag and tie it at the top.

Modern Solutions

If you are not comfortable with the traditional methods mentioned above, you can try using modern gadgets that are designed to make the process easier. With this simple hand held power automatic pooper scooper you will be able to pick up poop with the click of a button and then release it where you wish.

Sanitize the Yard

To get your yard smelling fresh again, spray it with a disinfectant that kills a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses. They are made to disinfect the space and also dispel any bad odour.

Disposing of PoopDisposing of Poop – pet care

There are a number of ways in which to dispose of the dog waste, one of which is composting it. This is done in a compost bin specifically for dog waste. It acts like a septic tank where the waste is broken down safely.

Flushing the waste down the toilet is also an option, but before doing this you should check your area’s policy on flushing dog waste. If flushing is allowed, you should put the poop in disposable bags so that they do not clog the toilet.

The flushing method is environmentally safe because the treatment plant where the water eventually ends up is able to safely treat the water, making it non-toxic.

After you are through with your cleaning up activity, you can reward yourself with a nice hot shower to relax your muscles, but also to rid yourself of all the bacteria and other harmful organisms that were flying around as you performed your good deed.



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