We love our furry pals to death! They do so many wonderful things for us: provide emotional support, they are there when you need them, always down to play, and will never leave your side. However, sometimes they don’t really care about being tidy, especially if you keep your dog inside your home. Cleaning after your dog is a sine qua non

Every dog owner has to face the fact that they have to clean after their dog regularly. You can’t really stop all the mess that the dog makes entirely. You can either come up with ways of cleaning it effectively or trying to prevent them from happening. Because dealing with a messed up carpet is not cheap, the cleaning of bedroom carpets usually starts at £17 if you take it to a cleaning company.

So we propose ways of helping deal with cleaning after your loveable dog inside the house by yourself.

Get a Food Mat

A food mat is a pretty ingenious thing in preventing your dog to make a mess. This is especially useful if you have a big dog that is a sloppy eater at the same time. Put the food bowl on the mat and let the dog eat in peace. After it is done with their meal, you simply scrape the mat off and clean it.

The mat stops your dog from spreading a mess around its eating area and prevents food from sticking to the floor. It also stops the dog licking the food off the floor. But what it is most useful for is cleaning. It takes you mere seconds to clean off the mat than it would clean the entire eating area.

Find a Suitable Place for a Dog Bed

Your dog’s bed is filled with germs. It does not matter how clean you keep your dog, there is a big chance that the place they sleep is crusted with creepy germs. There are two solutions to this.

One is that you find a place for a dog’s bed where it is least likely to infect the surrounding area. Whatever you do, do not keep the bed in the kitchen or near an area where you and your family eat.

Secondly, you can always get an easily washable bed. Cleaning it at least once a week will stop the germs from spreading and will keep your living area germ free as well.

Invest in a Good Vacuum

Whether you want to admit it or not, dogs shed. Even those that shed less than others still have periods when they shed a lot. This will mostly affect your carpets and you will have to clean them a lot. You can’t really stop the dog from shedding, but what you can do is organize a better cleanup.

You can invest in a good vacuum cleaner to Clean After Your Dog and clean as often as you can. It will stop the dog’s hair from getting everywhere. You can also contact some professional cleaners with special equipment to do that for you. Clearness is also helpful in removing deep and stubborn stains from a carpet that your dog will most likely cause.

Keep Your Dog Off the Bed

No matter how much you love your dog, there have to be certain boundaries. Some breeds are especially fond of spending the day lying on a sofa and most of them like snuggling up with their masters as they watch TV. But this has got to stop.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cute or not, keeping the dog away from your bed or sofa will keep the place much cleaner. A dog will shed all around and will attract dirt on your furniture that way. Making the area unhealthy and riddled with germs.

The only way to prevent this is to train your dog not to climb on your bed. Or better yet, don’t teach it to do that in the first place. If will make everything much cleaner and will save you a ton on cleaning equipment and detergent.

There you go, if you follow some of these tips you will have no problems keeping a clean home and having your dog at the same time.




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