The choice of leash or collar for your dog is perhaps one of the most critical decisions you would ever take as the parent of your pet. Dogs are beyond just man’s best friend, they are an integral part of the family hence the need to give them the very best DOGMOUNT experience. In addition to planning for the training phase of your dog’s life, you will also need to prepare for the runs and walks that would be part of your relationship with your dog. Leather dog collars are a wonderful option when it comes to collars for dogs, here we will look at six distinct benefits of using them.

You must know these 6 benefits of leather dog collars 13
  • Durability

Leather collars are known to help in resisting the damages associated with the daily wear of such materials. It doesn’t matter if your dog likes to play games of fetch or simply just loves running around, Nylon materials are known to break and fray after some months of use. However, if you are to go for the authentic leather alternative, you will realize that it is much stronger and is usually able to last for very long periods without such issues of wear and tear coming up. The real benefit of this is that you will not have to waste money on replacing this material all the time as would be the case with other materials.

  • LooksClassic collar for dogs Maronero – DOGMOUNT

Leather dog collars are known to offer users a classic and attractive appearance. They usually come designed in several styles, colors and unique features such as jingle bells, spikes, and braids. All of which are designed in such a way as to match the unique personality of your pet. Furthermore, while materials such as nylon are known to become dirty with time, leather does not quickly fade and retains its cool look for longer periods. It, therefore, suffices to say that leather collars are the ideal choice for dog owners who care about how their dogs appear.

ComfortYou must know these 6 benefits of leather dog collars 14You must know these 6 benefits of leather dog collars 15

According to dog owners who have used different types of dog collars such as nylon and leather, the most comfortable material for this purpose is leather. One negative characteristic feature of nylon is that it tends to chafe the neck of the dogs while also irritating to the skin. However, leather is known to be quite gentle and milder and as such seldom causes such issues. It is, however, vital to note that leather can be quite a burned for small puppies in terms of weight, hence you must be mindful of its thickness.

It is therefore advisable that you make use of a reliable company that provides such collars with reviews to show.

  • Color VarietyYou must know these 6 benefits of leather dog collars 16You must know these 6 benefits of leather dog collars 17

This is another unique advantage that comes with using leather collars for your dogs. Such collars usually come in several color patterns as it interests the dog owner. You will have the opportunity of choosing between the yellow, red, pink, black brow, blue and so on. You could also go for a combination of your best colors. It is worthy of note that with other collars, you may not get the color you want, but with leather, the exception is the case.

  • Return on investmentYou must know these 6 benefits of leather dog collars 18You must know these 6 benefits of leather dog collars 19

If you are a dog lover you will realize that dog collars are a medium and long term investment. Dog collars are not just a fashion statement but a necessity that cannot be displaced. Leather collars are ideal primarily because they offer you durability which means that you will not have to bother about replacing them every other time. You may view them as being a bit expensive when compared with others, but in the real sense, they give you higher Returns on Investment. It is however important you are careful when choosing a leather Collar so that you get the best quality for the best price.

  • Availability

This is perhaps one benefit that should be highlighted! You do not need to go to the North-Pole to get yourself a durable and beautiful leather leach as you can get them everywhere you go. Also, it is always not so difficult to tell the quality of the material as it shows in the texture and design of the same. You should contact your local pet store or check several online platforms to confirm availability and cost of the same.

Leather Studded Dog Collar – DOGMOUNT
Leather Studded Dog Collar –CREDIT: DOGMOUNT

No you know that leather collars are not just a luxury but a core necessity for your dogs, you must do the needful as regards getting one for your dog. It is also important that you take note of the size of the collar you are buying for your puppies as they are size sensitive. The color you choose should also be friendly with the skin color of your pet.

Lest we forget to tell you that leather dog collars is a great gift for dog owners



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