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If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 9 gifts for dog owners.

Did your friend or loved one get a new dog? Why not celebrate by giving them great gifts for dog owners?

Gifts can help them get started. Owning a dog is no small ordeal, after all. It can also show your support for their choice to get a new pet.

But which gifts to give? Which ones would your loved one and their dog appreciate? Check out our list below of amazing presents for dog owners.

  1. Dog Themed Wine Glass9 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 399 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 409 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 40

Who doesn’t enjoy a fine glass of wine?

If you want to give simple gifts for dog owners, you can’t go wrong with a wine glass. That said, don’t make it a generic one. Add a custom print to make it dog-themed.

It can be as simple as getting a wine glass with a print of a dog on it. You can go a step further and make it a custom image, showcasing your friend’s dog breed. Add in a pet-related quote to seal the deal.

  1. Dog and Owner Matching Shirts

Some of the best gifts for dog owners are the ones that play on the owner’s relationship with their pet. A good example is a pair of t-shirts, one for the owner and one for their dog, bearing matching prints.

You can be as playful as you want with matching shirts.

Prioritize fun over everything else, guaranteeing the owner won’t feel embarrassed to wear their shirt. One fun concept is to switch roles. The dog shirt can say something like “I’m the owner” while the owner’s shirt can say “I’m the pet.”

  1. Smart Feeder With Camera9 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 429 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 43

Do you want to give gifts that offer functionality and a cool-factor? Consider buying your friend a smart feeder with a built-in camera.

Smart feeders are Internet of Things (IoT) devices. They connect to your devices like phones or laptops via the Internet. This allows people to access and control them even when they’re not home.

Through this technology, your friend can activate the feeder even when they’re at work. They no longer have to leave a whole bowl of food for the dog to eat through. Using this technology, they can pace when to feed their pets and then use the camera to visually check on them.

  1. Funny Dog Tags9 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 449 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 45

Looking for something simple, affordable, but still fun to give as a gift? Why not give funny dog tags?

Dog tags are relatively cheap. You can find them on sale in retail stores and online shops alike. Putting engravings isn’t too expensive either.

The real task is to find a funny quote that fits within the tag’s dimensions. You’ll have to prioritize short but funny gags.

Make sure you only engrave jokes on one side. The other side should still contain the necessary dog tag information, like the dog’s name, home address, and the owner’s phone number.

  1. Custom Throw Pillow cases9 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 469 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 47

Some people make the mistake of giving a fully embroidered custom pillow. The problem is that you can’t switch the design out. The gift recipient would have to wash the whole pillow whenever it gets filthy.

Instead, give a customized throw pillowcase. When it gets dirty, it’s a simple task to remove the case and toss it into the washing machine. They can then put on a different throw pillowcase for the meantime.

  1. Doggy Bag9 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 489 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 49

There are times when caring for a dog is like caring for a human baby. Owners have to bring diapers and scoops whenever they go out. They need to bring snacks, treats, leashes, and other important pet necessities.

Why not give a doggy bag? These bags make it easier for pet owners to carry all these items in one neat pack.

It also ensures dog items don’t get mixed with other belongings. Nobody wants to put dog diapers in the same bag you’d put baby diapers in, after all. With this gift, the owner can keep things organized and separate.

  1. Custom Dog Collar9 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 509 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 51

Dogs need some fancy wear too! However, not all pet owners like dressing up their dogs in shirts and costumes. You can still add some flair by giving custom dog collars instead.

You can give collars designed with bone prints, cartoon characters, or any other design you think is appropriate. This lets you give something fancy and artistic without being too visually loud and distracting.

Make sure the collar fits the dog’s neck size. You should be able to fit two fingers under the collar once you lock it on the dog. This guarantees it’s not too tight but still fit enough so the dog can’t remove it.

  1. Paw Print Jewelry9 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 529 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 53

If your friend owns a puppy, you can give a gift that will forever encapsulate the puppy’s first few years with their owner. Give a small paw print pendant that will symbolize the dog’s youth. It’s also a cute trinket that will let other people know the bearer loves dogs!

Do you want to go one step further? Get the puppy’s actual paw print and embed it on a plaque or doormat! Now it’s no longer a symbol — it’s a physical memento that the owner can look back at when the dog gets older.

  1. Stuffed Toys9 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 549 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 55

Of course, no list of gifts for dog owners is complete without mentioning stuffed toys. Yes, these are simple and generic but almost everyone can appreciate a nice, fluffy plushie to hold on to. They might even turn out as great toys for the dog!

You don’t have to stick to generic puppy plushies. Feel free to experiment and give hilarious stuffed toys or ones based on cartoon characters. Oddie from the Garfield franchise and Snoopy from Peanuts are great characters to start with.

Get the Best Gifts for Dog Owners!9 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 569 Amazing Gifts for Dog Owners 57

Get the best gifts for dog owners today! These 9 items are a great start and you can choose to give one or a combination to show you care! Let your loved one and their dog enjoy a new experience with the gifts you give.

That said, gift-giving doesn’t end with items for dog lovers. If you need more help picking gifts for birthdays, weddings, and more, feel free to read our other guides. We offer more tips and tricks to help you out!





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