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recent survey of pet owners revealed that 27% intend to go on one or two journeys with Taking Your Pooch On Vacation, 37% are planning trips to three to five destinations, and 31% plan to leave with their pets six or more time this year. The same poll also indicated that pets accompany their owners for a ride in their vehicle.Taking Your Pooch On Vacation? Here's What You Need To Do 1

If you’re planning more than just a ride with your dog, preparing well for the journey ensures that you’re going to avoid stressful situations and enjoy your time with your beloved pooch.

Planning And Preparing For The Trip

It’s important to prepare your vehicle if you intend to go on a road trip, as you don’t want your dog to sit on your kid’s lap or wander around the van. Use a safety harness, pet barrier or crate to keep them safe. For air travel, your furry friend may go with you in the cabin in a carrier, or will stay in the cargo hold. At any rate, making sure that they are prepared for travel helps with their comfort. Practice being in a kennel, and prepare your pet before the journey.Taking Your Pooch On Vacation? Here's What You Need To Do 2

Prior to departure, go to the vet and make sure that your dog has all their shots, especially if you’re traveling abroad. Another way to ensure a smooth trip is to update your travel insurance when you book pet-friendly hotels, as it can save you money and a lot of headache if something goes wrong when you need to cancel. A pet travel insurance will also help pay for treatments if your dog falls sick or needs treatment while on travel. 

Extra Precautions And Restrictions

Take note that there are places where your pet may not be allowed to enter. For hygiene reasons, supermarkets and some restaurants do not welcome furry animals. When preparing your itinerary, include a list of places where your dog might not be permitted so that you can plan where to leave your pet if you need to go out to dine, see an attraction, shop, or discover the nightlife.

Taking Your Pooch On Vacation? Here's What You Need To Do 3
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If you intend to go overseas with your pooch, you might want to check pet travel restrictions before choosing your destination. Some countries have strict pet importation rules that may require for your pet to stay in quarantine for a few days. For example, in the EU, your dog must be microchipped and must be vaccinated for rabies. 

Traveling with your pet is fun, and you don’t have to worry that you will leave them behind. However, it can become stressful, too. Planning in advance and taking all the necessary precautions will ensure that both you and your pooch will enjoy the trip.



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