Dog parents are one of a kind people that choose to share their love with their furry friends. As such, any gifts they receive that showcase their love and adoration for their pets is always appreciated.


If there’s a dog lover in your life with an upcoming birthday or anniversary, use this list of the best gifts for dog lovers to get them an unforgettable present both they and their canine companion can enjoy.

A Pet Portrait

Nothing will light up the room, or the face of your dog loving friend, like the sight of their pet immortalized on canvas. Having a custom portrait painted from a photo of their beloved pet is a truly unique gift that they will cherish forever. You can have a painting based on the recreation of a photo or turn it into a Renaissance masterpiece like this one from Instapainting.

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If you’re close with the person, choose a style that reflects the artwork they have in their home. Whether you choose oils, mixed media, watercolor, or charcoal, the recipient is guaranteed to love it.

Paw Print Keepsake

Paw print keepsakes are a versatile, affordable gift that’s great for DIY enthusiasts. To create this gift, you’ll need modeling clay and access to your friend’s pet. It’s also recommended that you pick up the pup’s favorite treat as a sign of thanks for being your co-conspirator. Press the dog’s paw into the clay and let it dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.The Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 8

You can use this method to make a Christmas ornament or put it in a shadow box that pays tribute to the pet in question. Keychains, trinket dishes– whatever you can think of can be adapted for this gift.

Wine Gifts

Just because your friend loves their dog more than anything, doesn’t mean they don’t love other things as well. There are a lot of dog lovers who would also label themselves as wine lovers, and fortunately, there are plenty of gifts that check off both boxes. Novelty gifts like dog wine charms create a gift that can be shared with friends. Customized wine glasses that say “dog parent” or “I work so my dog can live a better life” are fun, easy ideas to customize.

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It’s also worth noting that if you have a wine lover in your life who prefers corgis, you can purchase this cool “Corkie” as a wine stopper and celebrate their love of wine, corgis, and hilarious puns. Does their dog need a water dish that looks like a wine glass? Probably.

Subscription Box

Variety is the spice of life and subscription boxes are the way to get it. It seems as though there are subscription boxes for everything these days– fitness gear, makeup, coffee, and yes, even dog gear. Order your friend one of the many for a gift that keeps on giving.

BarkBox is perhaps the most popular dog gear subscription box, and it includes new toys, healthy treats, and wearables all centered around a monthly theme. If the traditional subscription box isn’t for you, find out your friend’s preferred dog food supplier and set up an auto-ship on their behalf.

A Doggie Bag

You’ll often see parents touting around a bag of baby-related paraphernalia. For a short period of time, their entire universe depends on that bag being stocked and accessible. Dog parents on the go can use the same level of organization to move water bottles, dishes, poo bags, leashes, favored toys, and treats. This is especially handy for movers and shakers who send their dog to daycare while they work or spend a lot of time adventuring.

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Look for a doggie bag with lots of pockets and zippered enclosures. You don’t want Fido getting into the treat pouch when the bag gets left unattended. Remember that the bag should be human-friendly as well, with space for a phone, keys, and whatever else they may need while on the road.

Donation to Animal Shelter in Their Name

For some, the act of giving is the greatest gift in life. If your friend has a rescue dog, give a donation to the shelter they found their fur baby at in their name. Alternatively, look to local animal rescue societies and organizations that prioritize the health and wellbeing of our furry friends. There are many local and national chapters of organizations like the SPCA to consider as well as community initiatives to build dog parks in many areas.

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Take some time to research any larger scale causes that you might want to donate to. Often times, very little of the money goes to the animals and gets tied up in administration fees instead. Organizations like PetSmart Charities are run as a subset of a business, and the leader doesn’t receive compensation; these are the types of organizations to donate to if a local shelter isn’t possible.

There are a lot of great gifts available for the dog lover in your life. Make it unique and memorable, and celebrate the love between human and canine.




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