Paw licking and feet biting are some of the behavioral problems you may have to contend with especially in smaller French Bulldog.

Stop French Bulldog from Biting Feet with These 6 Tips 13

Though there might be some underlying medical conditions that can trigger this problem, most times, the dogs pick up the habits when they are hungry or don’t have any treat to bite on. The following 6 tips could help you stop French Bulldog from biting feet;

Get Medical Help for Allergy and Infection

The major medical underlying factor that can cause the dog to bite feet, are the allergies and infections. Allergies such as pollens, fleas, and some food can cause itching in the feet. The infection of the paws, including the nails by yeast, mites or bacteria can also cause Stop French Bulldog from Biting Feet with These 6 Tips 14serious itching to the feet, causing the dog to bite and lick the affected area. Allergic dogs normally have reduced-skin barrier issue, and that is why they are more susceptible to allergic reactions. Bugs can easily attach to the skin of the dog from the environment, and especially when the skin of the dog is moisty.

Treat Injuries to the Paw, Paw Pads and Nails

Sometimes, the dog may not be suffering from allergic reactions but certain injuries that might have occurred in the paw pads, or nails. It is important to examine the paws and nails of your French bulldog from time to time to detect such injuries before they expand and cause more discomfort. You need to treat the injuries with the appropriate recommended medications or topical solutions to soothe the affected areas and reduce the frequencies at which the dog licks and bite them.

Stop French Bulldog from Biting Feet with These 6 Tips 15Consider Trimming the Paws and Nails

You may want to consider trimming the paws from time to time to reduce the chances of irritants coming in contact with them. Trimming nails can reduce the risks of infections on the feet of the dog because fewer dirt or pollens are trapped in the paws.

Expert pet groomers recommend that French Bulldog Breeder must have nails checked and trimmed every 4-6 months, especially when the dogs are relatively younger and their nails grow faster than average.

Train the French Bulldog on Playing with Toys

Tug toys, cuddly toys, and even balls are some of the toys that can get the mind of your French Bulldog. from biting its feet. A French Bulldog Breeder understands the importance of play toys for aggressive dog breeds like French bulldogs. Toys must be chosen based on the dog’s preferences, any boring toy that the dog is not interested in must be removed immediately.

Improve the Dog’s Diet

Stop French Bulldog from Biting Feet with These 6 Tips 16

Certain foods can trigger an allergic reaction on the skin and feet of the French Bulldog, and such foods must be identified and eliminated or reduced drastically to the minimum. Some of the commonest foods known to trigger allergic reactions in dogs are; Dairy, wheat, soy, eggs and egg products. The earlier you start removing these allergy triggers from their foods, the earlier you can reduce the incidences of feet itching, hence the earlier you can stop the animals from biting and licking their paws.

Reduce Outdoor Activities Until the Biting Stops

If your dog picked up biting habit as a result of too frequent outdoor activities that are causing bruises and injuries to its paws, then you may want to reduce the frequencies of such outdoor activities until the dog heals or until you eliminate conditions causing irritation and injuries to its feet.

Stop French Bulldog from Biting Feet with These 6 Tips 17

You may want to stop the French Bulldog from going deep into the woods and grassy lands especially during hiking because the animal can easily pick up bugs and other irritants on its skins and feet. You may want to find alternative root where the dog will have less contact with grasses and other pollen harboring plants. You may set up pet exercising devices indoor to help your dog lose weight.



It is important to note that French Bulldog doesn’t bite their feet only when they have infections or allergy, they may also turn their anger against other things in the house, most especially furniture surface, fabrics, and even the children. Biting the feet is one habit that must not be allowed for too long because of the long-term damages they can cause to the dog and for everyone else in the household.

Stop French Bulldog from Biting Feet with These 6 Tips 18

Never use any form of punishment as a correctional option to stop your French Bulldog from biting its feet, this can cause the dog to lose interest in getting close to you and may withdraw from its active social lifestyle. Proper grooming techniques perhaps is the most important step to ensure that the animal is clean and irritant-free, you may want to reduce its hair and bath the animal very often. Do not forget to apply brushes and special clippers to reduce the nails.




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