Now, why would you name your pet based on numerology? This very idea might seem quite strange to you. However, there is more to numerology than just being superstitious and detail-oriented.

The Importance of Picking Out Your Pet’s Name Carefully

Generally speaking, animals are very responsive to vibrations and the sounds it produces. Humans, being the highest form of animals have the ability to understand the importance of vibrations with our emotional state. If there is one thing that stuck with us from the ancient times, that would be our fight or flight response, vibrations, and music.
That being said, since our pets cannot really communicate with us using the language we are very familiar with, they rely heavily on the sounds they hear and they produce.


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Now, one of the usual sounds they hear from their loving human companions are their names. It is one of the very first things that human companions make sure is dealt with. Naming a pet though, should not be taken lightly. For one, you have to remind yourself of the fact that whatever name you pick for your pet will be etched not only in your mind, but your pet’s also. The people around you will have to call them whatever you decide to name them. And so, you have to make sure that it is a good one.


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Then again, we know there are certain names popping up in this ever-creative world that is not quite traditional. As far as tradition in naming your pet goes, there is nothing to worry about. However, those who strive for uniqueness in picking their pet’s name sometimes goes a little too far. By too far, I mean they do not even consider what their pet would feel with the name they pick out.
Just like naming your very own human offspring is much like naming your beloved pet. That much is true if you know just how truly valuable your furry child is. And so, we consider just about every detail that can be considered when picking out a name for them.
While our pets cannot really complain about whatever we give them – food or name, we still have to be sensitive. What with all the unconditional love they give to us, they definitely deserve our sensitivity.
Sounds, Vibrations, and Our Pets


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Our pets take vibrations way different than we, humans, do. We often take vibrations for granted and simply focus on the sounds they produce. Our pets do not. They hear the frequencies and vibrations that most humans normally cannot. They rely heavily on those vibrations because it helps them respond to the sounds we think they understand.


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Our pets hear things a lot different than we do. For them, vibrations come first and sounds are just something that happens after it. That being said, if we truly love our pets, then we have to make sure their names do not only sound good for us and the people around us. It should also have to have good vibrations for them.
Not-so-pleasant vibrations have a negative effect on our pets’ mood. If the vibrations their names create are not good and does not go with their hearing frequency, then you get one grumpy or very confused pet. Now, if your pet seems to act as if it is angry with the world, you might want to take into consideration the name you gave it and the name’s numerology.

Let me first teach you about the basics of numerology.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The letters of the alphabet are divided into three groups. Each group is composed of nine letters, except for the last one which is only made up of eight.
Say, for example, the name of your pet is Bubbles. You will have to use the table above to substitute the letters of the name of your pet with numbers.

2 3 2 2 3 5 1

Now that you have made the substitution, add the numbers together. If the total number of your pet’s name sums up to two digits, add them up as well, until you end up with one number.

2+3+2+2+3+5+1 = 18
1+8 = 9

If your pet has two or multiple names (e.g. Mr. Toodles, Miss Havisham), substitute each letter of the name with a number using the table above. Add the total numbers you get from each name. If you end up with your numbers, add them up again until you end up with one digit.

Miss | Havisham
(Miss) 4+9+1+1 = 15 (Havisham) 8+1+4+9+1+8+1+4 = 36
15+36 = 51
5+1 = 6

NOTE: It does not matter how you add up the numbers. At the end of your computation, you will always end up with the same answer.

the cutest one
Once you have ended up with a single digit, you may refer to the table below. Each number represents a certain set of pet behavior. Take note that the behavior that is unique to each pet will still be present, but the general trait the number gives to your pet’s name will be noticeable.

1: The Bossy One
If you ended up with a number one for your pet’s name, then you will have to be a little more patient. A pet who is a 1 will be quite bossy. They do as they please and might even challenge you at times. Of course, this does not entirely mean the pet will be perpetually handful. They will also be very protective of their humans.


Find YOUR Pet’s Trait Based on Numerology & Their Name 4
2: The Companion
If your pet’s name totalled to a number 2, then you get one good companion especially if you are living alone. They will seem a little shy at times and child-like in such a way that they are not afraid or hesitant to show you they need you. This pet might need a little assurance from time to time as well. They love to groom and be groomed. Also, they are the type who will gladly spend time lounging or sleeping on your lap.


Find YOUR Pet’s Trait Based on Numerology & Their Name 5
3: The Playful One
These are the pets that love to play and definitely have the energy for it. If you do not have an active lifestyle, chances are your pet is making you adjust a little more every day. They will be highly sociable, not only with other pets but will people as well. They will be very talkative, so if you have a dog, do not be surprised if it barks a little more than the other dogs. The same can be said for cats, they will be extra chatty.


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4: The Loyal One
These are the pets that live and breathe routine. They will be highly cooperative, especially if you are the organized and busy type of person. They are very devoted to you and the routines you make. Take it slow when introducing something new to them because they might show some resistance or confusion. Of course, they will be able to adapt in time, but you will need to do it carefully.


Find YOUR Pet’s Trait Based on Numerology & Their Name 7
5: The Explorer
With the explorer, you get the very energetic and wandering pet. And so, you might want to have them fenced in or kept indoors to keep them safe, especially if they are not yet fixed. Also, they may seem to you as if they want to eat every time. So instead of feeding them full meals every time they ask, give them snacks in between. They will be keen on giving you random gifts from their adventures if you do not fence them in. So, do not be surprised if you wake up with a clump of dried leaves on your floor, a dead bird, or even dead rodents.


Find YOUR Pet’s Trait Based on Numerology & Their Name 8
6: The Devoted One
These are the pets that are best for families. They are child-friendly, very loving, and devoted. They are also caring that they can easily be trained in order to assist those who have disabilities. They will not easily get distracted from leaving your side. They make it a point that they are there right away when you need them, like a good guardian. A discord in the family can upset these pets and you might find them hiding under the sofa or beds. If you want to show them your appreciation, simply praise them, give them a good pat on the head, or a treat and they will be very thankful for it.


Find YOUR Pet’s Trait Based on Numerology & Their Name 9
7: The Intelligent One
These are the pets who appreciate playing time on a different level – challenges. They are intelligent and easy to train. They will, from time to time, stay in a certain corner or spot that allows them to be alone. They need this, much like the intellectual humans and their solidarity. It is also either you teach them tricks or they play tricks on their mates if you have other pets at home.


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8: The Alpha
If you have a multi-pet home, do not be surprised to find this pet of yours to take charge and act as the Alpha. They have a very high energy and likes to take charge if there is something that needs to be taken care of and they are capable of doing it. They will appreciate a little special treatment from time to time as well but will not demand it from you.


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9: The Old Soul
These are the wild card pets – those who possess all the qualities of the pets mentioned above. They are very charismatic and has lots of talents as well. They will be very loving, but it will be hard for you to classify them from one of the first 8 descriptions. They will also be a little quirky, but whatever quirk they have will make them more adorable for you.

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These are the descriptions of the 9 pet personalities when using numerology to guide you on how to choose a name for your pet. If you already have a pet and have already named it, you may also use this guide to determine your pet’s trait, to further improve your relationship with it.
Pets, just like humans have zodiac signs. If you are wondering how you can improve your compatibility with the different zodiacs, check out Numerology Sign’s guides.
Let us know your pets name and which number you get in the comments below!