Swimming for dogs is great for their overall health. Keep reading for 5 key benefits of taking your dog swimming.

Everyone with a dog feels like they are a member of the family so you should keep your dog healthy and happy with good activities. Swimming is a healthy activity for dogs and most of them love it.

5 Key Benefits of Taking Your Dog Swimming 15

There are many healthy ways for your dog to exercise like taking them for a walk, running or playing fetch. But many people don’t realize that taking your dog swimming has many health benefits.

Swimming is a very easy activity for dogs because they instinctively know how to swim and do not need to be taught. It is an aerobic activity that tones and strengthens muscle. It’s great for you too!

Keep reading to learn 5 key benefits of taking your dog swimming.

  1. Improves Overall Health

Swimming is an amazing activity for your dog’s health. One minute of swimming equals four minutes of running for your dog. Health benefits to your dog include strengthening the heart and lungs, decreasing inflammation, increasing metabolism, and improving circulation which all help to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

It can also help your dog lose weight. In the United States, more than half of the family dogs are overweight. It can be very hard to control what your dog eats especially when they have a cute begging face.

Taking your dog swimming will help them exercise for a longer amount of time because the 5 Key Benefits of Taking Your Dog Swimming 16water supports most of their weight. They are also using a lot more of their muscles when swimming so this will burn more calories than playing fetch or taking them for a walk.

Make sure your dog does not become overtired and keep a close eye on them throughout their swim.

You can also bring a ball or frisbee along for your dog to fetch in the water. It will be fun for both of you.

  1. Burn Extra Energy

We’ve already talked about swimming being an important exercise activity for dogs but it also helps them to burn that extra energy. Overactive dogs can be very destructive and not easy to handle. They may try to destroy things in your house, bark excessively or just get on your nerves.

Swimming is a good way for them to burn that excess energy.

5 Key Benefits of Taking Your Dog Swimming 17Dogs naturally have a lot of energy and with swimming, they burn a lot of that energy making it a great way to appease an overactive or restless dog.

At the end of the day, swimming will make your dog very tired. Spending time at the beach or in the pool will make your dog sleep well that night. This is a benefit for you because you will have a peaceful night.

  1. Help Relieve Pain or Stress

If your dog experiences a lot of pain in their joints or muscles you may want to take them swimming in warm water. This is a great therapeutic exercise especially if they’re in recovery.

The warm water will be a great pain reliever and also helps to promote blood flow while also warming up your dog’s muscles to prevent any further injuries.

If you do not have a heated pool, then you can check to see if your city has a rehabilitation facility for recovering pets.

Swimming can help to improve your dog’s mental health, as well. Dogs also need mental 5 Key Benefits of Taking Your Dog Swimming 18relaxation usually in the form of fun and play that are different from their usual activities. This is the same for humans when we need to relax and get our mind off something.

Taking your dog swimming is a great way to reduce their stress. Most dogs spend their exercise time confined to a leash but letting them explore on their own in the water will make them feel free.

Also as we mentioned above, swimming will wear them out so they can reap the benefits from a good night’s sleep.

  1. Help Them Cool Off

Dogs only produce sweat on parts of their body that are not covered by their fur. This makes it very difficult for them to stay cool especially in the summer heat.

That’s why taking them swimming when the weather is hot is a very good way for them to 5 Key Benefits of Taking Your Dog Swimming 19get the exercise they need without overheating.

Overheated dogs can suffer from heat stroke, heat exhaustion and even sudden death from cardiac arrhythmias. So you don’t want to take any risks with your dog during the summer.

The water from the pool, lake or ocean can help them stay cool while outside on a hot day.

  1. Special Bonding Time

Everyone loves spending time with their dogs. Swimming is a great way to create a special bond between the two of you.

By taking your dog swimming you are giving them a new experience they may not have had before. You should also get in the pool or lake with your dog to make your dog’s time even more special. You can help your dog exercise and your dog can help you.5 Key Benefits of Taking Your Dog Swimming 20

Sometimes dogs can be a bit hesitant about jumping into the water for the first time. You can tempt them with a treat to help ease them into this new experience.

Getting your dog in the water for the first time will also help to create trust between you and your dog. If it is a pleasant experience, then your dog will have a great time going into the water.

Read more here about how to safely take your dog into the pool.

Taking Your Dog Swimming Is Fun

You and your dog will have endless amounts of fun going swimming together. There are plenty of health benefits both mentally and physically when taking your dog swimming.

Make sure you do keep a close eye on your dog because accidents do happen and you wouldn’t want them to get overtired.

5 Key Benefits of Taking Your Dog Swimming 21

Before taking your dog swimming you should check and make sure that your dog is capable of swimming. There are a few dog breeds that instead of swimming they just sink.

If you liked learning about why you should take your dog swimming, then keep checking back to see more pet-related posts and even more.




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