You’ve heard people say to do what you’re passionate about, right? Well, what if your passion is playing with pets all day? Can you honestly make a career out of that? In today’s world, you actually can! You can actually make a career simply out of loving pets. Technology has made it very possible to turn your passion for pets into a very profitable market, especially as an entrepreneur.

The great thing about being an entrepreneur in the pet world is that you can practically do anything you want for the most part with the exception of certain veterinary careers. If you do want to build your career in the pet industry, you have an infinite amount of options to choose from. There are just a few simple steps you first need to follow whether you are going to have an online only store, a brick and mortar store, or both:

  1. Evaluate your skills
  2. Determine what area of the pet industry you want to work in
  3. Create a unique company name
  4. Find a domain name that stands out and get it registered
  5. Build a website

That’s all it takes. In those simple steps, you will be able to not only be your own boss but you’ll be able to be your own boss doing what you love! They say that when you are working doing what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life… Do you believe that to be true? A lot of people do, especially when working with pets every day!

If you truly have a love for pets and want to make a career out of it then here are some career options that will allow you to work with man’s best friend as well as other pets. In fact, says that a career in the pet industry is one of the most fun and exciting career paths you could ever choose. Take a look at these career options and see which one best fits your passion.

Pet Sitter

Just like people need baby sitters, pet parents need pet sitters. And just like people look up trustworthy babysitters online, pet parents also look for trustworthy pet sitters as well. Now, starting your own pet sitting services does require some prior credentialing (just as babysitters do). For instance, you’ll currently need to be a pet owner and have experience working in a pet-related field.

Being a lover of pets, you know how pet parents look at their pets as their children and aren’t going to allow just anybody to watch their fur babies, so to establish that trust between you and the pet parent, arrange a “meet and greet” so that the pet parent and the pet can meet you and the pet parent can see your interaction with the pet. This will definitely give you a better chance at establishing a solid client base and it will put the pet parent’s mind at ease in knowing that you have their pet’s best interest at heart.

*On your website, you’ll need to include the services you offer, your hours of operation, payment options, and the prices for your services.*

Online Pet Bakery

Do you have a knack for baking? Do you like to experiment with food? Then maybe you should consider taking your baking skills and transitioning them to the world of pet food. As a pet lover and pet owner, you know how taxing it can be at times to go to the store to buy dog biscuits, plus, some of those treats can get expensive. If you have the knack and the know-how to create doggie treats, it will not only save you money and trips to the store but it can also work in your favor!

Being able to create doggy treats is actually a booming business. Pet owners treat their pets just like they’re children and won’t just feed them anything. If there’s high-quality dog treats that their dogs will actually enjoy, pet owners are willing to pay top dollar for it. Your bakery can have a focus on being organic, gourmet, or healthy, or all of the above! Just make sure that you research all of your dog treat ingredients and make sure there’s nothing in there that will make them sick. Some common ingredients that can make dogs very sick include:

  • Avocados
  • Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Garlic

*On your website, you need to include a menu of all the different treats you make and the ingredients you use, shipping options, pricing details, and payment options.*

Pet Photographer

Who doesn’t love those adorable pictures of pets and family pictures with their family pet in the picture? For a lot of families, their family isn’t complete without their pet. People incorporate their pets in all life events. You see dogs in wedding pictures, baby announcement photos, and pictures with kids… so there is definitely a need for pet photographers.

Calendar companies, pet magazines, and various other pet related fields all have a need for a professional pet photographer. You just need to make sure you have a good demeanor around various types of pets, especially dogs, a great camera, patience, and tricks to get the dog to do what you need him/her to do to get the perfect photo. If you have all of that, your pet photography business will have no problem getting started.

*Your website will need to have prices of different photography options and packages, offer clients the ability to pay online, see photo proofs, and print and online versions of their photos.*

Get Your Pet Career Started Today

So how do you now feel about starting your career in the pet industry as an entrepreneur? Does it sound like something you would be passionate about? If so, take that step into the world of working for yourself… the only person who would be stopping you from living out your dream job would be you!

As you can see, based on the top careers in the pet industry, there is definitely a need for pet professionals, regardless of what area you decide to go in. The careers mentioned above are just a few of the top careers in the pet industry but there are several more to choose from. If nothing at all, do your research and see how you can turn your passion for pets into your dream job!




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