With technology playing an ever increasing role across all fields, it’s not surprising that pet tech products are taking the pet world by storm. Even the more traditional amongst us are finding it difficult to ignore the innovative technologies being produced for our pets which are proving irresistible for pet owners.

Pet Tech Products are Taking the Pet World by Storm 9

An example of how technology is helping pet owners by way of digital day care is the Furbo Dog Camera which allows not only live video footage of your pet but also two way audio to enable you to talk to your pet regardless of how far away you are. It also has a treat dispenser allowing you to interact with your dog when you’re away from home and its innovative bark sensor will alert you when your dog makes noise. Great for anxious dogs, you’re never far away when you have a dog camera. It also has the potential to save you a fortune on doggy day care as you may be more likely to leave your pet at home if you had this technology in place.Pet Tech Products are Taking the Pet World by Storm 10

Another incredibly modern offering is the Smart Dog House. This genius idea is similar to uber, or zip car in that you simply need to download an app to have access to hundreds of comfortable, safe dog houses in which to leave your dog whilst you run errands.  You can both reserve the unit and unlock it from your phone meaning that you can plan your day in advance knowing you have a safe space reserved for your dog.

The units are equipped with both heating and air conditioning ensuring that the temperature is always perfect for your pooch. Naturally they include a camera to allow you to keep a watchful eye and intuitive UV lights work to kill viruses, bacteria and mould between uses for the ultimate hygiene safety. It’s never been more fun to be in the dog house.

Currently limited to the USA, we hope it’s not too long before smart dog houses are available on UK streets.

If you’ve ever wondered where your cat is, you’ll be excited to learn about new GPS trackers for cats. Useful for finding lost pets or simply used as a tool to find out what exactly your cat gets up to when they’re outside of the home, are a pet tech product being used by pet owners everywhere. A waterproof homing tag can be easily Pet Tech Products are Taking the Pet World by Storm 11fitted to the collar of your pet who won’t even notice that they are being spied on. This could be the item that allows you to finally find out which one of your neighbours has been secretly feeding your cat!

Can you imagine a time where your pet’s collar is able to alert you to potential health problems? Well that time is now with Felcana Intelligent Pet Care creating just that, a collar which records your pet’s vital statistics before alerting you to early health concerns or unusual behaviour which you might otherwise not be aware of. As you’d expect, this is controlled via a mobile application which means your pet’s health is now easily accessible on your phone, something that seemed impossible not long ago. The collars are lightweight, waterproof and bite proof and have been created with a mixture of artificial intelligence, vet expertise and data science. They’re also less costly than you might have guessed being priced at under £70.

On the less futuristic but practical side is the automatic pet feeder. Fantastic to cut down on home visits when you’re travelling or simply a great way to help feed your pet if you have a busy lifestyle, automatic pet feeders will release food into your pet’s bowl at specific times to ensure they’re never late for a meal. They’re now readily available and due to the number of options on the market, are also budget friendly.

Pet Tech Products are Taking the Pet World by Storm 12

With the speed at which technology is progressing it’s difficult to imagine what pet tech product will be released next but this pet tech guide does a great job. With their innovative designs and ability to make the lives of pet owners easier, it seems there will always be a place for technology in the pet world.

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