Riding boots happen to be the most important part of a rider’s horse-riding kit. Not being able to enjoy a horse ride because of an injury is something that no horse rider wants to experience.

First-time riders

Short riding boots are generally preferred by beginners and children. These are easily available and are easy to maintain. For those who find it hard to wear a tight-fitting boot, then Jodhpurs and  gaiters are tailor-made for you. If you’re planning to compete in horse racing, then check whether wearing short boots is permitted or not. You can find a pair for yourself at Church Equestrian.

You’ll find a wide variety of short riding boots in the market. These boots aren’t bound by any kind of standard. The measurements of these boots are also bound to differ. Therefore, it is advisable to take your old set of boots along. At times, independent manufacturers design their own set of variations. It is done to distinguish one brand from the other. The material used to manufacture the boots is also bound to differ. Some Manufacturers use leather while others might use synthetic materials.

A closer look at the Jodhpur boots

Jodhpur boots are quite similar to Paddock boots. No matter how experienced you are, you’ll need some time in order to distinguish between the two.  These boots are known to have a low heel and are quite comfortable and easy to maintain.

The construction

Usually, Jodhpur boots feature a finer leather construction and are more likely to be used only for riding. As the name suggests, they are designed to be worn with Jodhpurs.

Traditionally, Jodhpurs come with elastics inserts. These inserts allow you to wear and unwear the boots with ease. Many varieties of  Jodhpurs feature zippered closures. Not only are zippered Jodhpurs. Not only are these boots easy to wear, they also add an element of style to the rider’s overall personality. Also, the material used to manufacture the Jodhpurs does not really matter. Generally, these boots are tough enough to withstand the rigors and vigor of everyday use.

Also, the soles of these boots are made using rubber. These soles provide the rider with unmatched grip and comfort. Even if the rider is walking on muddy and uneven terrain, these boots will provide him with unmatched comfort and slip protection. Furthermore, these come with an insole that absorbs pressure.  These boots protect your feet by cushioning them while you’re enjoying a leisurely riding session.

How to wear the Jodhpurs

In all fairness, Jodhpur boots happen to be at par with chelsea and chukkas. The ankle style of the Jodhpurs is exactly what makes them unique. You can wear them with ease. Additionally, these boots can be cleaned with ease and aren’t too heavy. Jodhpurs are generally preferred by riders who are looking  conventional options.

The seasonal aspect

Jodhpurs are ideally worn for around 6-8 months in a year. Jodhpurs will be the most comfortable if worn during winter. Experienced riders would know that Jodhpurs should never be worn between April and september.

  • During spring: You can wear light brown leather during the early part of the spring.
  • Autumn: Suede or medium brown leather is the best choice
  • Winter: Wear black leather boots during winter

Final Thoughts

You can buy a couple of boots if the budget allows and wear them on alternate days. If you’re searching for an inexpensive pair of boots that can be worn in the barn on a daily basis, then Jodhpurs are tailor-made for you.




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