1. Horses going to the club…

horses faces pics

2. This horse says “Yuck!”

funny horse face

3. How are you?

cute face horse woman

4. Aw baby you say the sweetest things!

beautiful horse faces winter

5. Happy horse…

happy horse pics

6. It’s really embarrassing..

embarrassing horse love girl

7. Love…

girl kiss horse

8. Say Cheese!

Say Cheese girl horse

9. Both you and your horse can try it!

cute faces horse girl

10. More excited than the horse!

more excited horse, girl

11. The selfie that didn’t go as planned..

Happy girls horse

12. Can’t a horse just eat in peace without the paparazzi getting in the way?

funny horse eat girl

13. Being silly..

silly horse tongue

14. Horse kisses…

horse kiss pics

15. Ball! But first, let me take a selfie!

funny horse selfie pics

16. Haha..

horse teeth selfie

17. Carrots?? This is cute cause I’m currently eating carrots..

funny nose horse face

18. I’m smiling…

smiling horse

19. Clowning around!

cute horses awesome

20. Couldn’t stop laughing…

teeth horse photo

21. Only horse people would understand!

nose horse face funny




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