Pet amenities in apartment communities have been largely non-existent. Renters with cats and dogs were simply concerned with whether the complex accepted pets, and what the fees amounted to.  

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However, new apartments are now trending in a different direction. Many developers and management companies are now offering lavish living experiences. Pet amenities have been some of the most requested add-ons in apartment communities. And a trend has developed.  What this means for renters are brand new amenities on-site that thankfully will make your pet much more comfortable.

We know that large dogs in particular don’t do well in apartments due to the small spaces. Walking them on a leash simply isn’t enough for many of them. Here are some grand new amenities that you can now discover in many of the modern communities around the country

On-site Dog Parks.

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Probably one of longest awaited pet amenities, these enclosed parks are usually right on-site or adjacent to the property. Before, dog owners would have to inquire how far the closest bark park was from the community. Now we are talking about a play space that is minutes away from the renter’s front door. And the beauty of this; ditch the leash and let your pet run and play with the other animals within the community.

Usually these pet parks are closed off to the public and reserved for the tenants. And that’s a huge positive, as you will get to be familiar with the other tenants and pets in the community. Also it’s a great social area for the tenants as well. Converse with your peers while your pets play.

Pet Washing Stations

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The main purpose of pet cleaning station; provide an alternative spot to clean your pet. Otherwise, the only solution would include your bathtub or balcony. Dogs have the habit of tracking in mud, dirt, and other grime, which finds its way onto carpet and furniture.

In addition, a cleaning area provides the right equipment to do the job correctly. This means tubs, hoses, sprayers, and other equipment which can be used to get your pup clean.

Rooftop Dog Run

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So what is the difference between a dog park and a dog run. Well the former is usually much larger space. It can include a pond, separate areas for large and small dogs, and even benches for use.  A dog run is usually a smaller area. But the purpose it serves is the same. It offers an off-leash experience for you pet. Dog runs usually appear in more urban areas where space is more limited.

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We have heard of roof-top dog runs in some cities. One offers an incredible 1 acre experience right on the top of the community.  Some of the more popular cities with these types specific amenities include Austin and rentals in Houston, TX.  Don’t expect huge dog runs that are on an acre. But in urban areas where land is scarce, this is a great alternative when none can be found.

Pet Spa

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Coming to a city near you, pet spas are making their way into apartments in a city you may inhabit.  Why not pamper your pet with the lifestyle that they deserve. While your away, your pet will be spending the day getting groomed. Spas in this particular Austin rental have activities to keep your pet entertained and happy.

Walking Services

Probably one of the most lavish options are dog walking services. Yes, we have found some apartments that provide these. This sort of thing caters to the owners who cannot get away from the office or other daily scheduling conflicts, and can’t bear to think of their pet being locked up inside all day long.

These probably won’t be included in your rent, but you didn’t think they were,  did you?

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Remember that in today’s environment that pet amenities are appearing at a complex near you. Whether it’s a rooftop dog run or a cleaning station, chances are you can find something that accommodates both you and your pet. And usually the only fee that you may have to pay is monthly pet rent. This usually totals about $15-$20, but is totally worth it if the amenities are important to you. As more and more owners are moving in with their pets, expect more communities to appease them in this fashion.



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