Pack your Pooch for Las Vegas

If you’re taking a trip to Vegas, who better to go with than your best friend? But we’re not

talking about your human pal – if you’re packing for the holiday of a lifetime, you can actually take your canine buddy along with you.


Having a dog is one of those things that makes life complete, but when you want to go away it can cause some headaches. Nobody wants to leave Lassie alone at the kennel, and it’s not always easy to find a pet sitter. The answer is to take her with you, and if Las Vegas is your destination, then you’re in luck. Many of the hotels in Vegas – notably those in the Caesars Entertainment resorts group – will welcome your furry friend with open arms.

Pet Stay Rules

There are limits on who is allowed to stay. You can bring two dogs with you, but they must both weigh under 50lb (around 23kg). So, Pomeranians are in but the Labradors will have to stay at home.

It’s also important that your hounds are crate-trained, as they will have to be kennelled when unattended and during housekeeping hours. If you don’t want to bring your own, Take your Dog with you to Las Vegas 7(and, let’s face it, travelling with the dogs is enough) then the hotel will rent one out to you. They must also be kept on their leash in the common areas of the hotel.

Finally, noisy pups are frowned upon, so if you’ve got a mutt who gets over excited by the prospect of the hotel casino, then you may be politely asked to find her some alternative accommodation.

Have Fun at Home

Las Vegas is a long way from Canada, and with or without a dog it’s a trip too far for many of us. If your pet is a noisy Newfoundland, or if it simply seems like too much hassle to take him with you, then it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out. It’s still perfectly possible to experience some Vegas-style fun at home at an online casino, with your faithful companion by your side.

Whether you’re settled down by the fire with your laptop, or using your mobile at the dog Take your Dog with you to Las Vegas 8park, an online casino is the answer to bringing the spirit of Las Vegas to you. Try your hand at poker, or for a more relaxing time there are a huge range of diversely-themed online slots to while away the time. Even with a game of chance, it’s still possible to maximise your chances of making some money, so if you want to know more about how to win slots in Canada, you can read the guide at

Travels with your Dog

Vegas isn’t the only place you might want to visit with your dog in tow. These days, thanks to vaccine records and microchips, your buddy won’t have to endure weeks or months of quarantine when travelling overseas.

All countries have their own regulations regarding bringing pets to their shores, but the good news is that many have minimal requirements which can easily be met by a responsible owner. A good option for a dog-friendly vacation is a road-trip around Europe – by having your own transport, you avoid any local variations in public transportation regulations. Even better, within the EU Schengen zone, there are no border checks to worry about.Take your Dog with you to Las Vegas 9

With his head hanging out of the window, watching the world go by, a foreign driving adventure could be the best bonding experience that you and your pet will ever know. So, whether you want to see Vegas, stay at home and play online casino games, or go for an overseas escapade, you and your canine companion need never be parted.




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