Most of the time, your furry friend will be better off staying at home than travelling with you on holiday or some other short excursions.

Do You Know How To Transport Pets? 9

Having said that, there are situations when you may need to travel with your canine. If you can, make some arrangements to keep your dog with you the cabin. If this option isn’t possible, you can ship your dog in the hold of the plane. It is very important you take all the necessary steps to make sure that you and your pet reach the destination safely. If pet transport seems a daunting task for you, read these simple tips.

Check The Size Of Your Pet

Usually, airlines will not allow domestic pets in the cabin unless they’re small enough (with Do You Know How To Transport Pets? 10their cages) to fit the area under the seat in front of you. You are not authorised to purchase an extra seat for the pet.

Check The Airline’s Requirements

If you are planning to fly internationally with your furry friend, you should check the import requirements of the destination country. With that said, you should also check if the airline company has any other requirements. For example, some airline won’t take certain dog breeds, even though they are permitted to enter your destination.

Make Sure The Pet’s Carrier Meets The Airline Policies

Each airline has policies that regulate the specifications and size of pet carriers allowed on the flight. If you already have a pet carrier that does not meet all the guidelines, you may need to buy a new carrier for the trip.

Do You Know How To Transport Pets? 11Let the Flight Captain Know Your Pet Is In The Hold

When you board the plane, you will likely get the chance to talk to the flight attendants on board. It is recommended to advise them that you have a dog in the hold of the plane. They will probably already know about this but it’s always good to give them a kind reminder. Airline companies take additional precautions when they have a pet in the hold of the plane.

Place Appropriate Tags On The Pet’s Carrier

Pet owners should place special tags/stickers on their pet’s carrier. You can download “LIVE ANIMAL” and “THIS WAY UP” stickers online. It is also recommended to place a tag with all your contact details, in case you are needed.

Food And Water

It is highly recommended to let your furry friend fly on an empty stomach. Pet owners should feed their pets about 5-8 hours before the flight.

Do You Know How To Transport Pets? 12Regarding water, it is best to freeze a smaller layer of water in the water bowl. Ice will last longer inside the bowl. This will give your pet the opportunity to drink in the beginning of the journey.

Put A Safe Collar On The Pet With Identification Tags

Your furry friend should be wearing a comfortable, soft collar for travel. Get a collar that does not present a risk of getting stuck on anything in the carrier. Put ID labels that evidently list your contact information and name.

Make Sure You Have Appropriate Documents for The Pet


Kermit Cat British Shorthair

Each and every destination require particular documentation to validate that your pet has good health and any required vaccinations. For example, most countries will require an up to date rabies vaccine while other could also require a rabies antibody blood test. The authorities at your destination will most likely check your docs upon your arrival. You really don’t want any surprises!



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