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For those who enjoy traveling and exploring different locations, it can often be difficult to leave a pet behind. Fortunately, cats can make for excellent travel companions and can prevent you from being separated. If you’re ready to travel with your feline, there are a few important tips to follow.

Tips for traveling with your cat 8

Pack the Right Supplies

While spending time away from home, cats need certain products and materials to ensure that they’re cared for in their crate. Pack anti-nausea medication that you obtain from your vet to treat motion sickness that they may experience. Plastic bags and cat-safe wipes are Kermit Cat British Shorthairalso useful if an accident occurs. You can also consider bringing a health certificate that includes the signature of your vet.

Help Your Cat Become Comfortable with Their Crate

When spending time in the car or the air, your pet will likely spend most of their time in their crate. Make it a point to practice putting your feline friend in their crate in the weeks leading up to your trip to ensure that it becomes comfortable in the space. Practicing using the crate is essential to ensure that the cat feels comfortable spending plenty of time in it. Start with placing it on the couch or the floor in a familiar environment. The blanket or fleece that is placed inside should have the owner’s scent to ensure that the cat’s nerves are eased. Create a happy space where they feel at home by adding a blanket and a few treats. Store the crate in the cat’s favorite place in the house to ensure that it feels comfortable. The crate should also offer plenty of room for the cat to have space to turn around. The create should also be large enough to place food and water inside.

Practice using positive reinforcement when using the carrier. Work your way up to closing the crate’s door completely. You can also move on to driving around town with the crate.

Take Breaks

It can be easy for pets to feel overwhelmed by traveling due to the amount of time spent in Cat Pet Animal the car or on a plane. You’ll need to remember to take breaks to help your four-legged friend stretch their legs out and walk around, which can prevent it from becoming fatigued. Open the carrier and allow your pet to roam around in a space that isn’t crowded or busy.

Keep the Pet Safe

Safety should be your top concern when traveling with your feline friend. When traveling in a car, always keep the crate in the back seat and secure it with a seatbelt. Avoid taking the pet out, which can cause them to become scared when the vehicle is moving. If you’re Tips for traveling with your cat 9flying in a plane, bring your pet in the cabin with you after making reservations with the airline in advance. Check with the airline to determine the right carrier that is required.




Remain Calm

Cats can become nervous or startled if you become stressed or anxious while traveling. Make it a point to remain calm throughout your travels to ensure that your feline is more relaxed and ease while spending time in new and unfamiliar settings. You can also request a mild sedative from the vet to ensure that your pet remains relaxed in their crate to avoid potential issues.

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Knowing the right tips to follow when traveling with your four-legged friend can protect their health and make it easier to spend time away from home. With the right products packed and methods practiced, cats can enjoy traveling and will feel accommodated.

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