It comes as no surprise that when it comes to our pets, furbabies are called furbabies for a reason: they are part of the family. In a survey done by Harris Poll, 95% of pet owners said they considered their pets as part of the family. For pet owners, there are few things as special as creating special moments with these loving critters. While the pet industry reveals that pet owners will spare no expense in keeping man’s best friend comfortable and happy, a new trend is starting to unfold where capturing these special moments is becoming more prevalent.

Incorporate Your Furbaby Into Your Special Day

Although pets have been part of the wedding retinue for ages, there are still unique ways to ensure your pet is part of your special day in a unique way. One couple decided that they needed a unique way to include their dog in their wedding by mounting a GoPro camera onto him, allowing them to experience the wedding from his perspective. Not only will this be a treasured keepsake of that special furbaby long after they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge, it will also be a unique wedding video that undoubtedly conjures up laughter and fun every time it’s watched.

Turn Fido Into A Model

Photos have long played a special role in sharing keepsakes and special memories, but these pictures mean nothing if they’re just hidden in a box somewhere. CanvasPop suggests that pet owners bring their photos to life. Perfect ways of doing this include canvas prints, posters, and calendars. Another way to ensure those photos don’t just remain hidden in the hallway closet is by creating photo collages on any hard surface such as a table or tray, and covering it with an epoxy or glass. Those who still need to build up a collection of good photos should consider investing in some decent equipment in order to take more memorable shots. A simple photography course, especially those designed for capturing pets, helps a lot too.

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

It’s not enough to have a photo in your wallet or as your smartphone’s wallpaper: pet owners are now wearing their pups on their sleeves. From scarves to pajamas, t-shirts, leggings, and everything in between, pet owners can now wear their pet’s face on their clothing. While these items might seem a little costly, pet owners aren’t afraid to shell out their hard-earned cash for a classic keepsake of their favorite pets.

There is something special and indelible about the relationship between pet owners and their pets. While there is nothing that could actually take the place of a pet in our lives, there are ingenious ways to keep the memory of them with us.






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