1. Doesn’t your horse get dizzy when you spin?

Get out.

bareback ride horse girl

2. Riding is so easy…you just sit there.

This takes absolutely no strength or effort.

riding fast pics cool racing

3. I love your costume.

Yes, my show clothes are a costume.

amazing riding rider show

4. Horseback riding isn’t a sport.

Shall I remind you that horseback riding is in the Olympics and football isn’t?

cool riding pics extreme

5. Do you do the horse dancing?

dancing horse red dress woman

6. Why can’t you skip and ride some other time?

fast riding horse cool pics

7. I love your white horse!

He’s actually grey because he has grey skin.

grey horse riding pics cool

8. The horse does all the work.

riding lady beautiful pics

9. Why does your horse have a blindfold on?

She likes it when she can’t see anything, obviously.

horse coat eat grass

10. Can you take me riding on your horse?

Right, anyone can just get on my horse and start riding it.

cowboy riding pics extreme

11. I don’t know how you can stand the smell.

I don’t know how you can stand YOURSELF.

stable horse many animals

12. Those fences don’t look big.

Please, try cantering up to them.

horse jumps over the fence

13. Slide stops are mean because they hurt the horse.

slide stop horse rider

14. It’s JUST a horse.

And you are just a person who is never going to be my friend.

girl kiss horse love

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