1. If you weren’t pulling back on the reins your horse wouldn’t be falling on you!!!

horse falling back rider

2. Oh but he’s not an athlete y’all…?

Oh but he’s not an athlete pics

3. Falling off your horse, going down with your horse… But this ending position is quite amusing..

falling down horses photo rider

4. And these people call themselves Horse Lovers???

horse lover rider falling down

5. We all fall down…

falling down rider photo

6. What’s going on down there?

funny falling down pics horse

7. Because horseback riding totally isn’t a dangerous sport…

riding horse dangerous photo

8. For all of those who say riding looks “easy….”

running horse falling man

9. This is the scariest moment…

cool riding horse rider

10. And you think riding a horse is easy…

rider fall down horse pics

11. Ride me…Just try and ride me…

riders horses falling down

12. This will not end well….

wild horse rider

13. Are you OKAY?

rider horse lying photo

14. Don’t people know better by now than to treat horses like this?

falling down horse photo rider

15. Love me, please love me…

love horse pics

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