Top 3 Profitable business opportunities for Animal lovers

The annual report on pet spending released by the American Pet Products Association shows that pet owners spent about $72.56 billion in 2018, marking an increase of $3 billion from $69.51 billion in 2017, according to PR Newswire. It is not surprising to see pet owners splurging on specialized veterinary services and popular pet tech products like automatic pet feeders, GPS cat trackers, and dog cameras. Similarly, pet owners are spending on food, accessories, grooming, and training, which is creating many business opportunities for animal lovers. If you are a pet enthusiast, you can turn your passion into a profitable venture by offering one of the following services.

business opportunities for Animal lovers

Pet Sitting 

Many pet owners have difficulties taking care of their furry friends due to busy schedules. Since pets need proper care, owners are always in search of animal lovers to look after their cats, dogs, or even exotic pets while they are away for work or holiday. If you have first-hand experience handling cats or dogs, setting up a pet care business can be an excellent opportunity to make money. With pet sitting charges ranging from $20 to $30 per day and up to $40 to $75 per night, you can make between $250 and $375 per week.Top 3 Profitable business opportunities for Animal lovers 1

Like all business ventures, you will need a license, pricing structure, business policies, and marketing strategy. But most importantly, make sure to get insurance coverage for your business. Insurance for pet sitters protects you from lawsuits should a pet get hurt or cause damage under your supervision. You also need insurance coverage to protect your business from financial difficulties in the event of accidents. Although it is not common, you or an employee might experience injuries when playing with a large pet or chasing an animal that has escaped from the client’s home. With a coverage policy, you will not face challenges settling medical expenses and compensating for the loss of income.

Sell Pet Food

Considering that in 2018 pet owners spent more than $30 billion on food alone, it is evident there is a high demand for animal food supplies. You can tap into the billion-dollar industry by opening a pet food store where you can sell healthy and organic animal foods and treats. Besides earning high profits, you will enjoy the fulfillment of helping people to make informed nutritional choices for their furry friends.

Keep in mind the pet food industry is regulated by state authorities. So make sure to check the licensing requirements before opening a food supply store for pets. Additionally, learn about animal nutrition to attract more clientele. Many people want to feed their pets healthy organic foods, and they expect you to offer genuine advice because they can’t get it in supermarkets. Determine if you’ll be selling dog food only, or also cats and exotic pets. Then create a budget, choose a perfect location, and set competitive prices.

Animal Grooming

business opportunities for animal loversGiven that dog groomers charge an average of $40-$75 depending on size, starting a pet grooming business is an excellent idea. It’s an opportunity to combine your love for animals with a profitable career. However, opening a pet grooming business is not easy, as it requires a lot of planning. First, you need to determine the animals you’ll be grooming depending on breed and size. Do a lot of research on different dog and cat species. That way, you can identify the ones you can groom based on your skills. Some species require high maintenance pampering, which you might not have a budget for or experience.

Top 3 Profitable business opportunities for Animal lovers 2While a certificate is not necessary, it pays to enroll in training. Consider working as a freelance animal groomer or work in a pet grooming shop. By doing so, you gain hands-on experience on how to wash, trim, brush and massage various species. Also, learn about pet-related laws implemented by the Animal Rights Acts in your state. Make sure to obtain the right license for your pet pampering business to avoid any alleged indiscretions in the future. Other considerations include location, start-up costs, insurance, and marketing.

The pet industry offers profitable opportunities for animal enthusiasts. However, to gain returns, you need to research the market carefully. Take time to analyze the cost of running different types of pet businesses. Also, think about your skills to determine if you will be selling pet supplies, providing grooming, or pet sitting services.


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