The biggest Dogs on The Planet Earth

biggest  DOGSOver hundred of years , different dogs in different geographic locations have been refined by humans to play certain roles, from hunter to herder , from guardian to companion. The  dogs in the video below are champion in this arena and considered the biggest dogs in the world

For some of these unique  breeds, size has been a significant player in the search for perfection, whether that was to hunt bigger or faster game or guard a home with more intimidation, or even just to have the mass to survive in freezing locations. Of the hundreds of dog breeds around the world, here are 10 of the biggest dogs  that stand out .


-THE POWERFUL ZEUS (Great Dane) -HULK, THE INDESTRUCTIBLE (The Biggest Pitbull) -GEORGE THE GIANT -ZORBA (English Mastiff) -FREDDY (Great Dane) -THE HAIRY HONG DONG (Tibetan Mastiff) -MAJOR -GIBSON (The biggest Dalmatian) -BOOMER -LIZZIE




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