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blue Dog socks personalized with photo of face printed on them

Get exactly what you want with Printsfield

Wearing customized clothing things is very fashionable and trendy nowadays. It is important to highlight our personality and real us in what our clothes look like. We can express ourselves by dressing things which match us. We have our style established but dress code in the workplace, at school or in university restricts us very often. For one it can be an insurmountable obstacle, they just give up and obey the rules. But we shouldn’t do such – even if our boss requires a specific outfit, after work we should wear everything we want. There is always a solution to this problem so we don’t have to worry.  We can smuggle little details in our formal outfits which will emphasize our style. It can be a curious pair of socks with a funny or extravagant print. We just have to have a plan what should be placed on socks and then make our own custom socks .  Remember, it can be in every style and length we want. There are ankle, standard and crew socks (knee-high).

Use one of three fabrication methods to fit your unique needs.

blue Cat socks personalized with photo of face printed on them

As was said earlier, we can choose from three types – short (ankle), medium (standard) and high (crew). Everyone needs something different, some like socks being long to feel comfy and the warmth, so the best option will be crew socks. But if we prefer shorter socks, or we need two or more types for each year season, then we should pick ankle or standard socks.

Choose your popular styles

In the socks’ world, there are many styles to choose from. It all depends on our needs and likes. If we value elegance and classic, we should pick socks that will not have expressive pattern or neon color. It should be something we can set up with more elegant shoes, like moccasins or suit shoes. But if we want to go crazy from time to time or we just are crazy, then must-haves for us will be colorful, flashy socks with cheering images. The possibilities are enormous, we only have to think about what would be the most useful for us.

Choose from a half-dozen popular stylescustomized clothing

For socks lovers, there are some styles they must have. The most popular are pet socks, with dogs and cats. None of the owners don’t imagine not having one such pair at least. Another popular style is a pair of socks with printed faces from photos. They are a good idea for presents on various occasions. The next are socks in Christmas design. On such socks we can find a Christmas tree, sugar canes or figures with Santa’s hats. The fourth most popular style in socks fashion is an image with loved ones on such romantic occasions like an anniversary. Another outstanding trend is food on socks. Hamburgers, French fries and ice cream – who would not wear such socks for a lazy night with TV series? And last but not least family and friends socks. There are some patterns or photos that associate with our closest.

Rest easy with our transparent production process

The first step is processing our order. The system has to accept patterns or mock up our own project of socks. Then the production can move on. There are just a few simple actions in preparing the chosen pair and after this sending it. Fortunately, it does not last long.

Skip the inventory risk with easy sizing

The important thing is personalized socks are available in one universal size. It may seem risky but in reality, it is not at all. Due to the fact that socks are manufacturing from the best quality material, jacquard for example, they are stretchable enough to fit all feet. So we do not have to worry socks will be too baggy or too tight for us.

Сhoose anything from our huge collection of socksblue Love You socks personalized with photo of face printed on them

Collections are really differential and everyone will find something for himself for sure. There are a few of them: form him, her, dads, moms, loved ones, friends, siblings and many others. If we can not decide on one pair, choose more. It will be profitable, there will be cheaper or even free shipment.

Or create your own design

There is a unique possibility to prove ourselves with creativity. If there is no pattern we like the most, we can create something brand new and unique. It will be a good solution for those who prefer to be individualists by 100%.

Get what you need without the waitcustomized clothing

Fortunately, there are some models ready to be sent. So if we pick something we didn’t project by ourselves, shipment will be much faster than for personalized order.

Enjoy wearing your stylish socks

And when our ideal socks finally come to us, we can wear them for every possible occasion we want. What is important, we shouldn’t worry about the pattern. It is knitted very carefully and with high accuracy so socks are printed in 360-degree.  Methods used in fabricating socks are the latest. Socks are sublimated which means that their pattern is durable and not washable.