Everything is better if you share it with your pooch. After all, your best friend is a perfect partner for wearing matching costumes. And with the holiday season here, you will have tons of opportunities to wear cool costumes with your dog.

However, it’s important to pick a costume that your dog will feel comfortable in, although they will appreciate some extra layers during the winter. The best way to handle this is to choose costumes similarly tailored to their usual clothes. But if you wonder what to choose, check out these 5 cool costumes that will turn you and your furry friend into stars of the party.

1. Red slippers and golden mane

Although when it comes to Wizard of Oz theme, it is normal to imagine your pooch as Toto, there might be a completely different part for them. Instead of choosing the obvious, opt for a twist in the theme. Since you will put on the red slippers and go as Dorothy, it is only fitting to have your trusted companion as the Lion.

Of course, they can be Tin Man, Scarecrow or even Toto if they fit the part. Alternatively, you can be one of Dorothy’s friends and give your pooch a chance to take the lead, just don’t make them wear red shoes.


2. The Wonderland experience

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most cherished children books full of colorful characters that are perfect for costume parties. The usual pair would be Alice and your dog as the White Rabbit, but why not be more imaginative and use other book characters. Mask your pooch in the Queen of Hearts or the Mad Hatter, while you can go as the White Queen or a giant White Rabbit.

Cheshire Cat, especially from the animated feature, would look wonderful on your dog in pink and purple stripes. However, you would certainly make one very interesting Caterpillar with three pairs of hands and a blue nose.

3. True to the holiday spirit

In the true spirit of holidays, you can always choose the simplest, and yet equally cute solution of all. Let your pooch be a reindeer to your Santa or a present to your Christmas tree.

If your furry companion doesn’t like dressing up at all, then you can be Grinch and they can easily go as Max, his trusted dog. But remember, even Max wears reindeer antlers so buy a pair for your friend as well.

4. The Force and lightsabers

Probably the most popular solution is going to a party masked as Star Wars characters. Many online stores like Snog the Frog offer the renting option besides buying costumes, so you can exchange it if it doesn’t fit. And who would be better Yoda or Ewok than your pooch, and you there as Darth Vader, Luke or Princess Leia.

For those with a little bit more abstract imagination, dress your pooch as a Death Star and you can accompany them as the Emperor. With so many colorful and iconic characters, Star Wars is the safest and easiest disguise for you and your furry friend.

5. Get inspiration from animated films

Let your dog be Genie to your Aladdin or Beast to your Belle, or turn the whole family into characters from animated features. Mask your pooch as Pikachu, the most famous Pokémon, with a yellow hoodie while you can easily mask as Ash with an oversized denim vest, white tee, and snapback hat.

Going as Ariel and Sebastian is always a hit and your dog will get all the attention for being the red lobster. To make it all a bit humorous, you can go together as Elsa and Anna from Frozen, and leave Olaf and Kristoff to the boys.

All in all

Just remember, if your dog doesn’t feel comfortable in their costume, take it off and find another one more appropriate. There are many cool costumes for your dog to wear, and you will quickly find suitable ones for both of you.


Emma Williams is an Australian writer with an MBA in Business Administration and a passion for anything lifestyle related.







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