Simple Ways to Entertain Your Kids 

Simple Ways to Entertain Your Kids  1

Are your kids constantly screaming “I’m booooooored”? While it’s okay to be bored sometimes, having unoccupied kids at home every day can be a true disaster for everyone. Plus, boredom usually doesn’t do anything good for their little brains and bodies. So, in order to banish this negative emotion from your lives forever, here are a few easy, cheap and Simple Ways to Entertain Your Kids and keep  their brains active. 

Exercise their imagination

Simple Ways to Entertain Your Kids  2

If you’re a parent, then you probably had to take your kid with you to the supermarket, post office or pharmacy on more than one occasion. While this activity can be fun for you, it’s not so entertaining for your kids. Luckily, they all have beautiful imagination that can be exercised with a few tricks. Try this: next time you need to run errands with them, give them a fun scenario to explore. Maybe they are aliens on their first visit to Earth or maybe they are little investigators working the case of the missing groceries. In time, you can stop supplying them with different scenarios and let them create their own elaborate stories. 

Build a fortSimple Ways to Entertain Your Kids  3

This one is a classic, but it’s a classic for a reason. All kids love living in their little exciting worlds and there’s no better way to provide them with an authentic feeling than building a fort. Give them a few pillows and blankets and allow them to create their own kingdom. The best thing about this is that even pretty young kids can enjoy this activity, especially if you help them a bit. When you see that their interest is starting to wane, pull out a flashlight, hand out their books or decorate their fort with some Christmas lights. 

Pull out building blocksSimple Ways to Entertain Your Kids  4

This old-school toy is very simple but very entertaining. Just get plenty of building blocks for your kids and give them a task: make a castle, create a zoo, build a neighborhood and so on. The possibilities are literally endless and all kids, from toddlers to school kids, can enjoy this creative, open-ended toy. And you can find these and other simple toys at Funtastic Toy and treat your kids for Christmas. Most educational toys you can find today are very beneficial for the little brains and hands, so don’t hesitate to splurge a little. 

Play with Play-DohSimple Ways to Entertain Your Kids  5Simple Ways to Entertain Your Kids  6

Playing with Play-Doh or anything similar can be a little messy, but kids absolutely adore it. You can give them nothing but this colorful dough and they will come up with plenty of shapes and stories to tell. If you find some edible kind, even the youngest of kids will be able to enjoy this beneficial toy. When the game starts getting boring, throw in a fork for creating patterns, cookie cutters for shapes and popsicle sticks for poking the dough.  

Make toys

Your kids probably have all sorts of toys already, but the process of making something from scratch can be very fun and creative. If you have older kids who can understand your safety instructions, you can gather up some beads, buttons, glitter, sticks and other items you find lying around and provide them with a few planks or old socks. With these, your kids can make all sorts of faces and create fun sock puppets. This game doesn’t only keep kids busy, but it also does wonders for their imagination and dexterity. 

Prepare some food

Your kitchen can be a true little laboratory of wonders as long as you know how to play it right. For instance, kids might not like preparing broccoli, but they will love whipping up a batch of ice cream. You just need some half-and-half, sugar and ice and a good resealable plastic bag for mixing. Combine ingredients and let your kids shake the bag until they end up with a delicious treat. Or, you can help your kids melt some chocolate and let them create edible chocolate bowls with a balloon. 

Make Christmas ornamentsSimple Ways to Entertain Your Kids  7

Since the New Year is approaching, you might want to start decorating your home soon, but this time, make sure to involve your kids. Grab a pack of plain ornaments, some acrylic paint and glitter and let your kids create their own custom baubles. Make sure to use them in your holiday setup and they will be so proud. 

Play hopscotch 

If you have extremely active kids, grab some colored tape and draw a game of hopscotch on your hardwood floors or tiles. This way, they can play as much as they want and still stay safely inside. 

Turn on an audiobook

This is an activity even youngsters can enjoy. For some quiet relaxation time, you can buy an audio version of their favorite book, play it for them and encourage them to create their own wild landscapes and characters. Keep a piece of paper close and ask them to draw what they hear. 

Simple Ways to Entertain Your Kids  8Give them tools 

Kids are naturally curious, so giving them a new and mysterious thing to play with can be a wonderful surprise. For instance, you can find a flashlight, a combination lock or some binoculars and let them figure out how these work. Or, you can grab your old camera and encourage them to snap plenty of photos. At the end of the day, you will see how the world looks from their perspective. 

Entertaining your kids isn’t super hard and it doesn’t have to involve video games or screens. All you need is some time and these amazing ideas and your little ones will be happy at play all day long. 


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