Best Gifts For Your Favorite Drummer

What your favorite drummer is dreaming about? Choosing the present is usually a headache, especially when you know little about the matter. Whether you are an expert or not, we are here to help you and let you know what your drummer would like to get, before you go to a drum store.

If you are choosing a gift for a handpan lover, you are at the right time. Just a few years ago handpan or “hand pan” as it can sometimes be named, was as scarce as hen’s teeth. Now there’s a plethora of handpans and tongue drums like Hang,Opsilon handpan , RAV drums, and many others. So the problem today is not to find but to narrow your favorite crafter and choose the drum’s sound, aka scale.

The very desired drum

A brand-new shiny instrument, what else can make your beloved drummer the same breathless? There are different types of drums. You can choose a classic handpan or maybe you’d like to propose to your drummer a unique sound and authentic design of the RAV Vast tongue drum. The brand provides many options for the musicians depending on your taste and level of mastery.

  • A gift for Your favorite drummer or percussionist

If you are searching a gift  For Your Favorite Drummer who plays the drums but have never tried playing the tongue drum or the handpan before, take a look at the beginner-friendly scales like the D Major, B RUS, B Celtic Minor from RAV Vast. These scales are easy to deal with and are very versatile, so musician has a big room for various experiments.

Favorite Drummer

Find a Gifts For Your Favorite Drummer for experienced tongue drum or the handpan player can seem to be a harder thing to do. For those who have already evolved as a handpan or steel tongue drum player, a new, more interesting and more challenging instrument is exactly what he will be excited with.

There’s a great variety of tongue drums in the RAV Vast collection that will amaze professional musician. If your drummer is a fan of ethnic rhythms, take a look at the B Onoleo RAV Vast. The sound of this scale provides the mysterious mood of Arabian nights. It’s tart and enchanting like the tales of One Thousand and One Nights. It’s a challenging scale that has its own specific voice, but once you acquire it, you get an opportunity to create beautiful oriental style melodies. The B Onoleo is a great solo instrument that will let the musician unleash its for your Favorite Drummer

If your musician tends to play during meditations, yoga lessons or sound-healing sessions, take a look at the A Integral RAV Vast. With this drum the player gets a soothing, enigmatic and meditative sound. This scale provides an opportunity to choose between minor and major keys within the same drum which is a rare option.

If your drummer is a fan of the classic handpan sound, you can choose one of the RAV Pans. This is the RAV’s interpretation of the well-known instrument. There are a few scales to choose from the B Celtic Minor, D Celtic Minor and D Major.  If you are looking for something very-very special, take a closer look at F Pygmy. This is a gem in the RAV Pan collection as the drum has 2 additional bottom notes and provides a really deep resonating sound.

In addition

If you want to take something smaller than a drum or you want to compliment your gift, check out the accessories. A case makes the transporting much easier and will also protect the instrument.

If you buy a gift for a drummer, a pair of mallets can also be great. A beginner percussionist will appreciate an opportunity to learn the new instrument with a familiar tool.

A workshop or a set of lessons will be a great addition to the gift. To support a newbie, you can provide the link to the website tutorial section at with a big collection of lessons and workshops. Your handpan enthusiast will be blown away with it.

Where to get it all?

If you’ve decided to take a gift for your drummer, the next you may ask yourself, is there drum store near me? Thankfully you have one where you can find everything you need. But if there’s no drum shop, don’t get upset. You can get all you want online. If you decide to purchase something from RAV you can do it as easy as one-two-three just choosing the item you want on the producer’s website or from their official partners.

Whatever instrument you decide to take, the general recommendation is – avoid dodgy offerings and always choose a trusted producer. Never take a second-hand instrument to avoid the pitfalls of some hidden defects.

Let your drummer get the gift he could never even dare to dream about!



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