6 Workouts You Can Perform with Your Dog

You may not have realized this, but man’s best friend can well be the ideal gym buddy. Based on research conducted by Michigan State University, dog owners who occasionally take their dogs for a stroll may meet the national standards for exercise. The intensity of these exercises can range from vigorous, moderate, to regular. Those who walk with their dogs train for roughly 30 minutes per week more than those without them.

More research from the University of Missouri found that overweight dog owners who took their four-legged friends for strolls were able to lose 14 pounds in 12 months. This was possible if the dog owners took 20-minute walks for at least five days per week.

You are also less likely to find excuses not to train once you get used to taking your dog out for long strolls, according to Australian research.

Here is a set of 6 exercises you can perform with your dog that will keep the both of you healthy and looking good.


When outside, position your pup’s leash comfortably in your preferred hand, and use less than a 2-foot lead. Power-walk repeatedly for up to 2 minutes. Once you build up a rhythm with your dog, move to a light sprint for 2 minutes. Halt and take a breath and do some warm up movements for your shoulder. This also gives your dog time to rest.


Wall Sit

This position is a great leg workout that conditions your hamstrings, glutes, and quads.

Courtesy of K9 Fit Club

Begin in a standing position with your back placed against a wall. Move to a sitting position with your back and hips remaining fixed to the wall. Make sure your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for up to 60 seconds. Also, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Try boosting your routine with performance enhancers from 120kgs.net, and you may add some extra minutes to your hold.


Including squats with your strolls improves your knee and glute strength.

Start by standing in front of your canine, with your feet slightly spread apart and toes pointing away from each other. Use a treat that will attract your dog. With each squat, make your dog join in by encouraging them with a toy. Pass it under your legs from one hand to the other, and when you complete the workout, give your dog the treat as a reward. Do a total of 10 repetitions.


Begin in the same position as the previous workout. Hold your dog’s favorite toy in one hand, then, as you move into an extensive lunge, allow your arms to reach the ground. This way, your dog has a chance to play with the toy. Reverse back to your initial position and repeat the move ten times for each leg.



If there is one activity dogs love, it is playing fetch. With the proper incorporation of a few extra moves, you can turn this fun activity into a useful workout. When your dog fetches a frisbee or toy, shuffle from side to side as they bring the toy back to you.Do this for a couple of minutes, and you are bound to get a good workout.


Lastly, a good old-fashioned plank with a twist. While in the plank position, try playing fetch with your dog. For an effective workout, throw the ball five times with each arm while maintaining your plank. This improves your shoulder and core strength.

 With the above exercises, you are not only building a healthy lifestyle but also building a connection between you and your dog.



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