People always say that dogs are man’s best friends. They guard your house while you are out or when you sleep at night. They even help the blind go shopping or stroll along the park. Sometimes, they save lives.

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However, if you don’t know how to speak their language or shall you say how to train them the proper way, they can be our worst nightmare. They can mess up your house, make your toilet dirty, or bite even their owner. In this technologically advanced world, many dog experts have collaborated with IT experts to develop an app for dog owners, so you don’t have to spend time going to dog schools. Here are some things that the best dog training app should offer:

  1. Give Basic Tips

With a dog training app, you shouldn’t have to bring them to an expert dog trainer. The irony of this idea is that the dog trainer will have to train the owners first before they can What Should The Best Dog Training App Offer 12train the dogs. Basically, you are the one being trained how to speak the different language of dogs, and how to understand the culture of dogs. It’s just like going to a school of dogs, and you are the student. You have to be trained first before you can teach our dog what you want them to do. This is very time-consuming as you have to set aside a schedule for the dog classes.

With an app, you don’t have to go through this. The app will give advice on what food to give to what kind of dog.  The app will provide many “How-to’s,” such as how to take care of the dog or how to bathe them. It should also offer the do’s and don’ts. One example of a don’t is using human shampoo when bathing the dog. Human shampoo has a different pH level that will cause hair fall on dogs. So, all these basics are necessary because oftentimes, people tend to take things for granted and think that dogs are like humans, which may, in turn, harm your pets.

  1. Provide Medical Information

This app will guide you on the basic first aid for dogs if ever something happens to them. For humans, you know what to do when your hands get a small cut. The same applies for What Should The Best Dog Training App Offer 13dogs, wherein you need to know what to do when your pets get small injuries.

The app will also tell you what kind of injury will need the attention of a veterinarian. The app will also guide you on what to do while you are on the way to the clinic. In addition to that, the app should also have a list of vaccinations needed and when to give them the vaccine. When you want to take your dog out on vacation, the app can also guide you through the medical preparations that you must do beforehand.

  1. Training

Here comes the important part: training. A basic lesson to teach the dog is training them to follow their owners and not the other way around. You sometimes see on the street an owner who is always behind their dogs, and their dogs are showing their way around the place and running while the owners are trying to pull them back. This is the basic purpose of training, which is to teach dogs to follow their owners.

What Should The Best Dog Training App Offer 14Another example of a trait that a good app can teach is to train the dog how to react to different events or circumstances. For example, the app should give you steps on how to train the dog to react to the sound of thunder or other dogs barking at them. More advanced training is giving some tips on how to make the dog do some simple tricks. Similarly, a good dog training app should be able to give you step-by-step instructions on how to teach your dogs these simple tricks.

As a reminder, if you want your dog to do challenging activities or tricks, or have them behave like a K9, you need to bring them to an expert trainer. These apps are not a total replacement for an expert trainer.



What Should The Best Dog Training App Offer 15

You might have always thought that taking care of a dog is easy. You just go to the pet store to buy dog food and feed them. More so, everybody knows to walk the dog every day and play with them. Although training dogs will take some time, you can make your life easier by using a dog training app to help you out. Just look for apps that have the following traits listed above to get the best training for your furry friend.



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