5 Reasons Why German Shepherd is a Good Family Dog

Shepherd is a Good Family Dog

Why German Shepherd is a Good Family Dog: The long haired German shepherd dogs are popular for being a loyal, courageous, confident, and intelligent dog. Over time, the long-haired German shepherd gets strongly attached to the family and forms a very strong relationship with the family. The long-haired German shepherd lacks an undercoat underneath its sleek and shiny fur, which makes the dog unsuitable for cold hard weather, and hence the dog serves better as a Family dog. There are various reasons that make the long-haired German shepherd a good family dog.

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The long-haired German shepherd is an intelligent dog, and this makes it a good family dog. Because of the dog’s intelligence, the dog is able to learn the owner’s command and can be easily trained if proper training is provided. A large number of police dogs are German shepherds. The dog is smart enough to notice things that happen regularly and reacts in a manner that pleases the owner. The long-haired German shepherd likes to please their owner, so they act according to how they are trained to or in a way that makes the owner happy.Dogs:  Memorial Fund Set Up to Honor Slain #K-9 #Officer Kilo. LHGSDs are often employed in police work and other dangerous fields. My own current two dogs come from a long line of LHGSDs used for border patrol overseas.

The long-haired German shepherd develops a very respectful and protective attitude towards its owner. If proper care and training are given to the german shepherds, then they form a very loving bond with the owners. The training makes the long-haired German shepherd follow the command of their owner, and the care the owner provides develops a respectful feeling for the owner. The long-haired German shepherd is always ready to protect their owner from any harm. The long-haired German shepherd will try its best in an attempt to protect its owner from any foreign intruders.

The long-haired German shepherd is a highly energetic dog. They can play all day with you and your kids. A long-haired German shepherd is a good option for keeping the kids busy. They are a perfect partner for long walks and fast runs. The long-haired German shepherd needs to exercise daily, so it also ensures that the owners also get proper exercise. The long-haired German shepherd can be a perfect workout partner; also, the dog’s high energy motivates the owner to exercise more. You can always play with a long-haired German shepherd with dog toys and have a nice time.

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Apart from the owner, the long-haired German shepherd can develop hostile behavior towards strangers because of its protective instincts. Still, if they are properly trained from the start, then they can easily socialize with others and become a good dog option for the kids. The long-haired German shepherd needs to go out and interact with normal people. The long-haired German shepherd should also be trained to follow the commands of the kids. The training of the dog with the kids should be under the supervision of elders. Once the kids and the long-haired German shepherd are well familiar with each other, the kids can spend a lot of time playing with the dog.5 Reasons Why German Shepherd is a Good Family Dog 1

The long-haired German shepherd needs proper training and grooming. If the proper grooming is provided to the dog, then it is generally healthy. To maintain the health of the dog, the owners need to provide the dog with food that contains all the nutrients that it needs. The food should also contain ingredients that are good for the dog’s skin and hair. The nails of the dog should be regularly trimmed, and it should receive a proper bath for better health. If all the grooming steps are followed, and vaccines are provided at proper intervals, then the dog is healthy enough to be around the family.