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There is a lot of discussion regarding enrichment and mental stimulation among those who care about animals. Our pets’ well-being depends greatly on their level of enrichment, but what is it?

Your pet’s natural instincts, such as chewing, digging, sniffing, and herding, can be encouraged through enrichment. Each pet is assigned a unique role.

Beagles and Labrador Retrievers are used to hunt small prey, whereas border collies and Labrador Retrievers are used to herd animals.

Ways to Keep Your Pet Engaged & Enriched During Lockdown 7

Cats however are lively and love interacting with humans. A cat’s favorite pastime is to play with toys, and those that don’t have access to the outdoors frequently engage in indoor hunting. People and other animals may find certain cats less friendly than others, especially if they live outside. Cats spend most of their waking hours sleeping.

Birds have a strong genetic link between peking and feeding. The mother birds naturally feed their young when they open their mouths wide. Gaping is the term used to describe this inborn tendency to behave in this way. Egg rolling is another example of a bird’s inherent activity

Bunnies in the wild engage in a variety of activities such as digging and sprinting. To allow your bunnies to express their natural behaviors, you must provide them with a lot of stimulation.

To put it another way, each cat, dog, bird, or bunny has a certain job in mind.

Because they are animals of the wild before we domesticated them, they have specific characteristics, energy levels, and natural behaviors that are unique to their duties and vocations.

Let’s define the purpose of enrichment.

Pet Engaged & Enriched During Lockdown

Pets are sometimes not permitted to be pets in today’s society or to engage in their natural habits. There are instances when pets will develop their own “jobs” if they aren’t given adequate enrichment or a way to express their natural tendencies. Digging up the yard, chasing automobiles, and barking at the wrong things are all characteristics that humans don’t like in a pet.

In order to keep our pets active, we need to provide them with enrichment, just like in the wild. To put it simply, enrichment provides pets with opportunities to engage in their natural behaviors in a constructive and non-destructive manner.

If you have a pet that is fearful or reactive, aged or physically restricted, or if you have a pet in Level 4 Lockdown, you should take advantage of some props and toys. Those pets should not miss out on this opportunity.

Some of these suggestions have worked for us, while others haven’t, but we hope they’ll help you keep your pet/s entertained and mentally stimulated.

Physical Activities:

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With lockdown still unlocking in most parts of the world, it is important to keep your pets physically active. This may come off as a struggle, as you’re only allowed to go out for a limited amount of time. This means you will have to figure out different ways to keep your pet engaged inside your home.

Make sure to stock up on everything from pet food, supplements, hygiene products, and supplies to preventative medications for ticks, fleas, and stomach upsets. It’s also a good idea to have your pet’s vaccines examined and up-to-date. Animals may react differently in the lockdown situation and you can always find out more about the odd things your dog may be doing and what they mean.

Out-of-the-box ways of keeping your pets engaged.

Ways to Keep Your Pet Engaged & Enriched During Lockdown 9

Using empty boxes or containers around the home, place treats or dry dog food in them and spread them out on the floor to entice your dog. Allow your pet to find the rewards for himself. Similarly, you may use your imagination to entice your pet by hiding treats in his favorite chew toys or even by placing balls on top of the treats in a cupcake baking dish. With birds and bunnies, you can hide their treats in their playing space so each time they find it, they can feel like they are rewarded for playing.

Get in some practice while you’re at it!

You should keep your pets on their feet/train them at this time if he or she is used to a lot of physical exercises. There are a plethora of tricks you can teach your pets, from rolling over and spinning to standing up on their hind legs. The same can be achieved with treats. Birds can be trained to understand your words or actions to keep them engaged. Bunnies are fairly smart and catch up fast when they are put to practice regularly. This can help you long term as having engaging exercises with your pet can increase your productivity.

Interact with games/Props

Ways to Keep Your Pet Engaged & Enriched During Lockdown 10

Another option to keep your dog entertained is to play an interactive game. When you hide treats or homemade dog snacks in one hand or one cup, you move it about and try to convince your dog to identify which hand or cup their treat is hiding under. You can use the cat stools for keeping your cats engaged. Cat swings or bird swings can be used to play with your pets. It is easier to play with your pets once there is a set routine. You can always customize your pet’s routine by researching more about them. For instance, you can always look up fun facts about orange tabby cats to understand their behaviors better and set up their play routine.

Walk for shorter periods of time and fewer times.

Short walks in an enclosed yard or building site can be included in your daily routine, even if you limit your usual walks. However, be careful to thoroughly clean your dog’s paws afterward.

Cuddle Time

Finally, don’t forget to cuddle up with your loved ones! There’s nothing better than cuddling with a furry friend to relieve stress these days. For both you and your pet, snoozing together has been shown to have positive psychological effects.

We hope these ideas help you keep your pets engaged and enriched in times of lockdown. These sure-shot ways will definitely bring you and your pets closer.