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Holiday Travel with Your Pet : From eating meals with us to sleeping in our bed, our pets share a big part of our life. Every pet owner wants his pet to experience the same kind of happiness and adventure as he does while traveling. So many of us want to bring them along on a vacation. But traveling with pets comes with some uncomfortable experiences as well, both for you and your pet.

So before you plan a happy holiday at your dream destination, go through these seven tips for holiday travel with your pet.

Holiday Travel with Your Pet

Make Medical Checklist

Before you begin the trip with your pet, take them to the vet. Make sure if your pet is physically or mentally fit for traveling. Some pets might develop travel sickness. Keep the necessary medicine in the travel bag.

If the vet allows, you can give them medicines for motion sickness, bladder control, and anxiety control. Depending on your style of travel or destination, pets might require health certificates and vaccination records before you depart.

Mode of Transportation

Happy Howlidays: 7 Tips for Holiday Travel with Your Pet 1

You might consider a certain style of travel more suitable than others. But it might not suit your pet’s temperament. Hence, choose your mode of transportation wisely. If he enjoys a road trip, preferred traveling by car.

Most pets are not comfortable with air travel or train travel. If your pet can handle a plane or ship journey, it only adds to your joy and comfort. Before you select any mode of transportation, buy a crate or carrier. Allow necessary carrier training to make your dog comfortable with it

Take Breaks

Whether your pet is a couch potato or an athlete, he needs physical activity many times a day. If you are traveling by road or train, take frequent breaks from your journey. Let them stretch their legs and play around.

Also, give them time to answer the call to nature. Unfortunately, air travel does not allow such breaks. In such a case, train your pet for specific toileting and feeding schedules. Also, take them for a long walk after you alight the plane.

Pack the Right Things

Traveling with a pet is memorable. Besides this memorable holiday trip, you have to look after your pet’s needs. Therefore, Packing is essential when you’re traveling with your buddy. You should pack all pet supplies and accessories like plenty of food, bottled water, first aid kit, treats and toys, microchip, ID tags, Comfortable bedding, and harness.

To make your car better equipped for road trips, bring yourcarparts and accessories. This may include a car seat cover, boot liners, a special seat belt for pets, crate anchor, car barrier, or custom car mats for pets.

Choose Destination Wisely

While traveling with your pet you may not get to choose a dream destination. It is because not all traveling Hot spots are pet-friendly. First, search for dog-friendly destinations or pet-friendly areas in your destination.

The place in question must have hotels and restaurants with pet-friendly accommodations. Also, call ahead to learn about their pet policies. Then you can make the arrangements accordingly.

Practice Ahead of Time

Happy Howlidays: 7 Tips for Holiday Travel with Your Pet 2

Before you plan the trip, make your pet practice mealtime, littering, and sleeping schedules. For a road journey, take your dog on frequent trips in a dog travel crate. It helps him get comfortable with the journey.

You should not bring a sudden change to his feeding schedule. It can lead to severe health issues. Start practicing a couple of weeks before your trip.

Make the Trip Memorable

Traveling with pets might be risky and uncomfortable at times. But it seems nothing compared to the joy and happiness that you two buddies experience with each other. The most important thing to do on your happy holiday is to make memories with your pet.

Dogs have a short life span. So before your buddy kicks the calendar, make your journey as memorable as you can. Make pet portraits, spend time on the beach, play in the pool, or sit beside him and watch a beautiful sunset.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has helped you plan a happy holiday with your pet. With these seven tips, you might have made your trip safer and comfortable for your pet. But remember, the most important tip to make the holiday a happy holiday for your pet is your company and affection. Nothing in the world can replace your love and care for them.