It can be very sad to leave your dog at home or with a pet sitter when traveling. How about the idea to take your pets to travel with you? Why not? Of course, it can be very problematic to have a flight with a big dog in a cabin. That’s why people prefer traveling by car. Luckily, nowadays you can find many pet-friendly hotels  all over the country and even all over the world which are always ready to welcome you with your pets on their territory.

Traveling With DOG: TOP Popular PET-FRIENDLY HOTELS in the USA 11


Traveling with pets you need a good reliable car. Having a big dog, you’d better separate your pet from your driver’s place. Also, you should find enough space for other passengers and their luggage. Remember, your dog’s safety is a must. has a big choice of 5 and 7-seaters with comfortable seats for kids and some extra space for your pet or pets. On a long distance trip you will probably drive fast to get to the point of destination quickly. Hey, slow down! Don’t forget about speed limits and your special four-legged passenger on a board. One more thing, a soft blanket will help your dog relax and feel even more comfortable.

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Look through the list of the world legendary pet-friendly hotel chains. You can find it on your own or with the help of your travel agency. Anyway, it is better to contact the hotel and check if staying with pets is really available.Traveling With DOG: TOP Popular PET-FRIENDLY HOTELS in the USA 13

  1. Stay at Best Western

This is a popular hotel chain in Canada and America. They allow accommodating up to two mid-size dogs per each room. Sometimes, the hotel charges you $20-30 per day per one dog.

  1. Stay at DoubleTree Hilton

This popular hotel chain also charges you for about $50-70 per room with a dog stay. By the way, Hilton recommends giving them a notice that you are planning to stay with a dog beforehand. Not all hotel rooms are available to stay with pets.

  1. Check in to Extended Stay

Dogs are welcomed here per extra charge only if you have more than one dog. Of course, only small dogs are preferable. But if you are planning to stay in the hotel with a big dog, you should give them a call and get manager’s permission. Traveling with two dogs, you have to pay $25 aday additionally. The more dogs you have the higher price will be per day.

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  1. Stay at Four Seasons

For Seasons is a popular hotel chain of lux class. They will always welcome you with your dog for free. What is more, they have many interesting proposals for your dogs. Do you need a pet sitter? You can also have some additional treats for you four-legged friends, including water, a soft pet bed, and a special menu. Keep in mind that your dog has to be under 40 pounds.

  1. Stay at Hampton Inn

Everyone knows about Hampton hotels. You’ll be surprised but they do allow dogs in the room. Some hotels will charge you for a dog stay, and the fee depends on the pet’s size and number. Other hotels let your stay with you pet with no fees but you’ll be definitely charged for any damage caused by your animal.

  1. Stay at Marriott

You’ll be surprised how many pet-friendly locations Marriott hotels offer across the country. The hotel policy is different in different cities. That’s why it is important to check in the hotel if they have a pet fee and how much it is.Traveling With DOG: TOP Popular PET-FRIENDLY HOTELS in the USA 14

  1. Stay at Peninsula Hotels

Most of Peninsula hotels are also dog friendly. Traditionally, the rules and regulations vary. Sometimes, you are allowed to bring no more than two dogs. They take about $30-70 per dog, depending on the city. You can buy some food for you four-legged friends, tasty treats, and even a bed for additional payment. Check the list of available services on the hotel website.

  1. Stay at Ritz-CarltonTraveling With DOG: TOP Popular PET-FRIENDLY HOTELS in the USA 15

This is probably one of the tastiest hotels in the world! In general, many Ritz-Carlton hotels are pet friendly, but hotel requirements very. Thus, some hotels take about $50 per dog and offer a wide range of additional pet oriented services like special menu, clean water, pet sitting, dog bowls and beds. There can be strict rules about what is allowed to your pets and what is not in the hotel public areas.

Traveling with pets can be problematic. Of course, you have to think it over and get ready for the trip. It is absolutely impossible to have a good comfortable road trip without preparations. Have you picked a car for your trip? Have you booked a hotel? Have you checked if the hotel is ready to welcome your pet in their property? How are you going to transport your dog? Answer these questions before you go!




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