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You Want a Pet But Are You Ready: Having a pet is a rewarding journey and such a powerful way to enhance our lives by making us happier and healthier. Even though it’s such a great thing to do, it’s also a life-changing responsibility we need to prepare ourselves for fully before we leap into it. You have to be mentally ready to own a pet. That means going into the journey knowing what it will entail in great detail. So before you go naming your dog in your head and shopping for some fun toys, ask yourself some very important questions so you’re prepared from day one.

You Want a Pet But Are You Ready

Here are the 4 things you should know before getting a pet.

Can You Fully Undertake the Responsibilities?You Want a Pet But Are You Ready for One? 9

Before committing to bringing a pet home, it’s so important to do your research and understand what it comes with. Many people don’t do enough research to truly know the ways their daily routines would have to shift in order to properly care for a pet. For example, pet waste is something people often gloss over when they daydream about a dog or a cat. They overlook how things like waste management and disposal will work on a day-to-day basis. You might need to invest in a special pet waste equipment and supplies like pet waste bags to properly dispose of dog and cat poop.

Also ask yourself if you’re prepared to keep up with what it takes to keep the pet healthy physically and emotionally. If you want a dog for example, can you take it out for regular walks? Is it something your work schedule allows? When you’re not at home, who will take care of your pet? These are things you need to clear on so that you’re sure you can give them the love and care they deserve.

Can You Afford a Pet?You Want a Pet But Are You Ready for One? 10

Studies have shown that the financial cost of having a pet is among the most underestimated costs by most adults. Our furry friends deserve a good quality of life, and that means that there are costs we need to consider. Good food, good care and grooming, accessories, veterinary services and insurance are part of the deal. It’s so important for your pet to have comfort and for you to be able to provide it without stressing about pulling money from other responsibilities or spreading yourself too thin financially. A pet adds to your monthly bills and costs, so sit down, do your numbers and make sure there’s room in your finances for one.

What Kind of Pet Do You Want?

Some people are dog people or cat people, but if you love all animals and you’re not yet sure which one you specifically want, it can be confusing to know which furry friend to get. It’s important to go through the list of the pets you’re considering, and to write down everything that’s involved in having that specific pet. Think about the cost, the responsibilities and whether this pet fits in with your lifestyle and daily schedule.You Want a Pet But Are You Ready for One? 11

It would also be helpful to look at animal shelters where you might be able to volunteer so you can get a feel for the pet ownership journey. You can even pet sit for a friend or family member over a few days as a test. This is a great way to understand whether you’re truly ready to have a fur baby.

Is Where You Live Conducive to Owning a Pet?

If you live in a house with a big yard, this question doesn’t require much thought, but if you live in an apartment building, there might be more to consider. Some places don’t allow for their tenants to have pets, or you might be required to move into a different unit. If the place you live in doesn’t allow for pets like cats and dogs, you would have to move to one that does. You would have to look for a place that allows you to have a pet, so that you’re not breaking any rules. The last thing you want to do is go through the process of getting a pet only to find out that your new friend is a dealbreaker for where you live.You Want a Pet But Are You Ready for One? 12

These pet ownership questions can’t be glossed over or ignored, they are too important. Nurturing and taking care of your pet is the responsibility that comes with the privilege of owning one. Before you go further into the process of getting a pet, answer these questions honestly. That way you know you’re prepared for anything and that you’re ready to create a happy home for an animal.