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How to Feed a Dog With a Sensitive StomachDog With a Sensitive Stomach

The nutrition of healthy dogs was discussed a lot. But what to do if your pet suffers from digestive disorders or food allergies? Learn how to feed a dog if he has a sensitive stomach.

Dogs have been faithful human friends since ancient times. Such pets are most often involved in work or service. However, whoever your dog is: a friend or family member, you should take greater responsibility for his health and training. Your pet’s health is shaped from the first days of his life and requires permanent support and care. One of the key factors in caring for dogs is a balanced diet.

Nutrition and Its Control

Dog With a Sensitive Stomach

Food is essential for dogs with sensitive stomachs. An unbalanced diet, feeding forbidden foods, cheap dog foods leads to digestive problems in pets. Some symptoms indicate your dog has a sensitive stomach and needs to be monitored. These include frequent vomiting, the buildup of gases, and problems with defecation. These symptoms may be related to the poor digestibility of the diet. Nutritional control is the basis for the treatment of problems such as gastritis.

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If your pet suffers from vomiting or poor appetite, you have to think of changing his diet. The dog associates the food offered to him with the unpleasant feelings and nausea occurring after eating it. Dogs are very similar to humans. You should agree that we would behave in the same way after being poisoned with some product. Remember that we need to solve nausea with medicines to avoid new unpleasant feelings.

Essential Things You Have to Keep in Mind

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The dog’s digestive system works in such a way that even a slight deviation from a healthy diet can lead to disorders. But sometimes it happens that the pet has health problems while he consumes ready-made dog food. This is evidence that the animal has particularly sensitive digestion that requires special food.

First of all, you shouldn’t be led by advertising and feed your dog dry food. How would you react if you were given a bag of small brown balls and told that this is balanced ideal food for you and you don’t need anything else but water and a few spoons of balls a day? Of course, you rebelled at once and refused to eat it. Your pet can’t speak, and that’s why he can’t raise any complaints. He eats the food offered and harms his health. Even if your dog has water access, dry food can cause salt blockages in the kidneys and digestive problems.

What Products You Should Avoid Feeding Your Pet

How to Feed a Dog With a Sensitive Stomach 2

Sharp bones. The statement that there is nothing like a bone for a dog is a myth. Boiled bones, breaking into sharp chips, can hurt the dog’s stomach and intestines, causing internal bleeding. Experienced owners know that they could give raw bones as they are more elastic than boiled. Such bones should contain cartilages. You don’t have to feed your dog with tubular and small bones of birds.

Pork. It’s not the strictest rule, but most dogs may become allergic if they have too much pork in the diet.

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Sausages. The flavor enhancers contained in sausages lead to the loss of the dog’s sniffing. Besides, these products have many harmful substances for humans. You don’t feed your child with sausage all the time, right? For the same reasons, you shouldn’t give your dog fried and smoked food.

Sweets. Even if your dog is crazy about sweets, think about the consequences. Allergies, diarrhea, and sniffing problems can happen to your pet as long as you treat him with candy and cookies. Of course, if he picks up a piece from the floor, nothing will happen, but don’t feed the dog with sweets on purpose.

Food You Can Include in Your Pet’s DietHow to Feed a Dog With a Sensitive Stomach 3

Meat. If your finances don’t allow you to buy beef, consider getting meat scraps. In addition, it would be a great idea to make friends with your local butchers who might provide you with cheap and fresh meat tripe. Your dog needs 60 grams of meat per 10 kg of weight per day.

Cereals. You can nourish your pet with oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, and millet. Add unsalted cereals to meat. In nature, animals don’t eat salt and spices. Giving 3 or 4 tablespoons of cereal won’t let the dog get fatter. Avoid feeding your dog with barley as it causes intestinal disorders, leading to bloating and abdominal pain, and sometimes, even to intestinal obstruction.

Oil. If you want your dog to have shiny hair, you may add 1 or 2 tablespoons of oil to food once a day.

Soups and vegetables. You will probably cook a separate saucepan of soup as your dog’s soup should contain fewer potatoes and more cabbage, carrots, and beetroots. Fresh vegetables are good to add to cereals. It will normalize the dog’s digestion and get rid of the lack of vitamins.How to Feed a Dog With a Sensitive Stomach 4

Dog food. You might have such situations when you need to feed your pet with dog food, for example, in the morning when you overslept and are in a hurry. In this case, it’s very convenient to have a can of dog food at hand.

Choose your pet’s food carefully and with the vet’s help. You have to consider your dog’s age, size, type of body, and physical activity level. At the same time, food for a dog with a sensitive stomach should be easy to digest, contain fiber to normalize the gastrointestinal function, and include only high-quality meat. Take your time to study the list of the Best Dog Supplies and consult with the vet to find out if some of them are suitable for your pet.