What Food is Best for My Dog?

What Food is Best for My Dog

What Food is Best for My Dog: A dog is more than just a pet. It may be a cliché, but that statement makes a lot of sense. Dogs are wonderful animals to have as a family pet, and the sheer variety of breeds means there are dogs that are still ‘employed’ in work across the world. From sheepdogs to those that do a great job in law enforcement, we appreciate our canine friends greatly.

If you have a dog – or more than one – at home, you’ll understand what we mean. Nothing beats coming home from a hard day at work to find your beloved pet waiting for you! Loyal and appreciative, dogs are very much man’s best friend. That’s one reason why we like to make sure our pet dogs are fed well, and with the right food.

Tinned dog food used to be the most popular and latterly, dried dog food has become very commonplace as food for pets. But is it the right food for your dog? Many canned and dried foods are in fact good quality and offer the dog all the nutrition it needs, but some are less so.What Food is Best for My Dog? 1

You need to be careful when choosing food for a dog as it needs to include the protein that is right for dogs.

What about human food? Many of us give our dogs left-overs after a meal, and that’s fine as long as we don’t give too much and take care to ensure what is in there is safe for a dog, so should we be giving dogs what we eat, and would it be a good idea? Let’s talk about why dog’s need special food in a little more detail.

Why Dogs Need Specific FoodWhat Food is Best for My Dog? 2

Dogs have different nutritional demands to us humans. What is good for us can, in some cases, be bad for a dog. There are lists of foods you should not give to dogs that are worth looking at just t be on the safe side.

In recent years, thanks to our growing understanding of what dogs need, there has been rising demand for human-grade fresh dog food. This is not the food that you or I would eat, but carefully researched and prepared food made from many of the same ingredients and especially for dogs.

These foods are devised by animal nutritionists who understand the needs of different breeds of dog in different circumstance. They are safe, nutritious and dogs love them.

You’re probably thinking they will be more expensive than off the shelf dry dog food, and you’d be right. You will pay extra for the quality of dog food we are talking about, but when you take everything into account it will not be that great a difference.

After all, we pay extra for quality food for ourselves, and our dogs deserve the best too! Best for My Dog

One of the most popular such brands is known as NomNom. Where this brand differs to many others is that it is a subscription service. You place an order and they deliver regularly, in portion-sized packets designed to match your dog’s needs for each meal. Is the food good? Let’s have a closer look at NomNom and get a better idea.

What’s in NomNom Dog Food?

NomNom offers a variety of different meals for dogs, and each one uses carefully selected ingredients that are clearly listed on the packets and the website. If you want to go into detail we suggest you read this review of NomNom as it covers everything you need if you are considering this type of feed for your pet.

Meals such as ‘Turkey Fare’, ‘Pork Potluck’ and ‘Chicken Chow’ are among the many different recipes that come to you ready made. Each has been considered and concocted by a fully trained and qualified veterinarian with expertise in dog nutrition.

The ingredients used are the very highest quality – as you would expect in your own meals – and are designed to allow the dog to enjoy a very tasty meal while getting the right type and amounts of nutrition that they require.What Food is Best for My Dog? 3

The packs are clearly labelled and are designed for immediate use or can be frozen for later usage. They look as good as the dogs find they taste, and each recipe is clearly defined including all ingredients.

A great deal is that NomNom allows you to buy a tester pack in which you get four meals for a discount price, so you can try it on your dogs. If you look for coupon links you can also get 50% off your first full order.

Is this the best food for your dog? We believe that NomNom and other carefully curated pet foods such as this are a step up on the usual dried kibble – you can mix meals with kibble if you wish – so we recommend you try the trial pack and see what your dog thinks!