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Bonding is earned over a period of time.Bonding takes place naturally between two people who show love to each other .How do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Human ? . It is reciprocal. They choose one another. It is not a one way traffic.  Watch the video of Bella and mom below to know why she loves mom more than anyone else

Having a dog is great, but being a dog’s favorite person is second to none. If a dog walks into a room teeming with people and heads straight to you, it is probably one of the greatest feelings you can experience.Being your dog’s primary caregiver doesn’t mean that you are automatically his favorite.


Dogs Choose Their Favorite Human

Your pet could prefer the company of a friendly neighbor who offers treats, the dog walker you hire, or the dog sitter who provides dog boarding. So, how do dogs choose their favorite human person? And can they change their minds? How do you ascertain that you are indeed your pet’s best friend? There are many ways to develop the feelings your dog has towards you, including:

Early socializationHow Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Human Person 1

Regardless of the type of dog you own, socialization is a substantial part of its upbringing. Socialization has a lot to do with whom dogs choose as their favorite humans. The bonds dogs develop with their surroundings mainly occur during the socialization stage. This is the period between when they were born and their six-month birthday. This is when their brains are highly receptive, and they quickly form opinions that will, for the rest of their lives, influence them. It is at this particular stage that cultivating an immaculate bond with your dog is recommended.

Behaviorists believe that the prime time for socialization plays a role in whom dogs connect with later in life. For instance, if a 3-month old puppy has a bad experience with a man, it will be difficult for him to bond with the man or anyone who reminds him of the man later in life. This applies the other way around. If such a puppy has a positive experience with a person at that age range, the feeling will stick with him and affect who he bonds with later.

Attention and affectionHow Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Human Person 2

The amount of quality time you spend with your dog or puppy, the more likely he will have you as his favorite human person. This isn’t as simple as spending a vast amount of time with your dog. It might seem that you are giving your dog attention, but he is on the periphery; since you are on the phone or you watch TV often.

The energy you give is the energy you get. Give your dog the affection he desires, and he will immediately reciprocate it. Spending quality time with your pet will facilitate this. Most dogs usually bond with the individual who provides them with the most attention. For instance, in a family with two children and two parents, a dog can favor the parent who fills his bowl every morning and walks him every evening.

Also, physical affection makes the bond between a dog and a person stronger. Dogs tend to be unfriendly to people who are unfriendly towards them. If you provide your pet with lots of grooming sessions, pats, love, and massages, he is likely to seek out more.

Positive associations are vital

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Human Person 3

Beyond the attention of their favorite human, dogs also form a bond with people who give them good stuff. That’s the reason we give treats to dogs when training them. It helps dogs develop a positive association with obeying commands. When dogs enjoy something, they form a positive association with the individual who gave them the experience or thing they enjoyed. A dog’s favorite person may be the one who gives him something nobody else does.

Dog are also aware that the person who feeds them often is an essential player in their lives. Positive associations lead to positive relationships between dogs and humans. Positive association is an excellent strategy to use when socializing or training your dog.


How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Human Person 4
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Dog’s personalities are uncannily akin to those of humans. We tend to be happy around individuals with whom we share similar character traits. Dogs are no different. It is commonplace to find a dog and his favorite person having similar traits. Loquacious and active individuals enjoy spending time with energetic dogs, while reserved dogs prefer cautious and calm people.

These factors don’t merely apply to puppies. Don’t despair if you have adopted an older, mature dog. You can still create a bond, ultimately becoming your dog’s favorite person. Some dog breeds tend to bond to one person, making it likelier that their favorite human will be their only person. Some breeds, which tend to bond to a single person strongly include:

  • Basenji
  • Shiba Inu
  • Greyhound
  • Viszla
  • Cairn Terrier

How you can become your dog’s favorite humanHow Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Human Person 5

If you feel you are not your dog’s favorite person, there is no need to despair. It is possible to build and enhance the bond you have with your pet. The most enjoyable and simplest strategy is spending thirty or more minutes of distraction-free, one on one time together daily. Bear in mind that this does not include watching TV together, garden time, or walking your pet. Your bonding time needs to be focused and active. After all, the bond between humans and dogs was established because they were both social creatures who relied on each other for safety, food, and company. Some activities you can engage in to bond better with your pet include:

  • Play hide and seek, tug or fetchHow Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Human Person 6
  • Train your pet. Work on new skills or reinforce old ones to improve your bond.
  • Try playing a sport such as flyball or agility where you can work as a team with your dog.
  • Feed your dog with healthy food in the right proportions. This is a good way to display your love for your pet. It is better to choose wholesome sources of protein with minimal fillers. Making homemade meals for your pet is also vital. You can bond with your pet during mealtime by maintaining eye contact.
  • Groom or massage your pet.

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Bonding takes place naturally between dogs and the people who show them love, care, and attention. Care for your dog well, and socialize him. Also, provide your dog with positive experiences and respect his personality and he will love you for a lifetime.