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If you are thinking about getting a pet fish, you have many options to choose from. Here are some different types of fish that make great pets .

fish that make awesome pets

When setting up an aquarium, you have the option of hundreds of different types of fish to fill it with. Depending on what kind of tank you have and how big it is, choosing the right fish can be a daunting task.

How should you choose which fish are going to be the right pets for you?

Today, we have seven popular types of fish for your home aquarium! Keep reading to learn more.

1. CorydorasCorydoras Sterbai.jpg

Corydoras are peaceful fishes that dwell near the bottom of tanks. Not only are they interesting to look at and watch, but they will also do your tank a service by suctioning the bottom and scavenging the crumbs that would otherwise murk up the water!

Best of all, corydoras grow to fit their tanks, meaning you could wind up with an impressively sized fish if your tank allows it.

2. Goldfishfish that make great pets

In terms of hardiness, the common goldfish takes first prize. Like the Corydoras, however, a goldfish will grow to fit the tank, so make sure to size accordingly. While they aren’t finicky in terms of water temperature and pH, they tend to gunk up the water faster and need frequent changes to keep the tank clean. They will also pick on and eat smaller fish.

3. TetrasSchmucksalmler Hyphessobrycon bentosi.jpg

Tetras are a smaller fish that swims in schools, so you’ll want to get a group of them instead of one or two. They share tanks well with most fish, but they are small enough to eat and shouldn’t be paired with larger, carnivorous fish.

4. Platies7 Different Types of Fish That Make Great Pets 1

Platies are robust little fish that do well in just about any water, aren’t picky eaters, and have the bonus of being livebearers, meaning they give birth to live babies instead of eggs. They also come in a variety of colors, making them a good aesthetic choice for tanks!

5. Cichlids

7 Different Types of Fish That Make Great Pets 2

Cichlids are slightly more picky than others, requiring specific water temps and pH values to stay healthy. However, they come in a variety of colors and have fun behaviors that will make them interesting additions to your tank. Some of the bigger varieties will eat other fish, so make sure you study the different varieties to find one that fits in with your other fish.

6. Gobies

The word goby derives from the Latin gobius meaning “gudgeon”, and some species of goby, especially the sleeper gobies in the family Eleotridae and some of the dartfishes are called “gudgeons”, especially in Australia

7 Different Types of Fish That Make Great Pets 3

Gobies are bright and fun little fish that add visual appeal and character to a tank. Another bottom dweller like the Corydoras, they dart along the bottom of a tank and have a weak suction cup to help them vacuum as they go along. Consider a flashier variety like the Mandarin Dragonet to make your tank shine!

7. Barbsbarb

Barbs come in a variety of colors and sizes and add action to a tank. Lively and quick, Barbs like to dart around a tank. Some barbs are considered aggressive and will take part in behaviors like fin-nipping and biting, which you can help control by purchasing a group of them instead of a few.

Different Types of Fish For Your Tank!

Now that you have an idea of some of the different types of fish that can brighten up your tank, it’s time to do decide which is right for you! Remember to take personalities and size into account to make sure all the tank mates will get along.

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