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Common Dog Health Issues: 95% of dog owners consider their pooches part of the family, so caring for every aspect of their health is often a priority, and rightly so. However, there are certain areas of a dog’s health that frequently get overlooked, from their paws to their noses. In most cases, these are easy to care for at home, and doing so will help to keep pooches in good health and feeling their best.Depending on the size of your pup, some health problems are more prevalent than others. For instance, big dogs tend to deal with more bone and joint problems, whereas smaller dogs tend to suffer more with organ and breathing disorders. Again, each breed is unique, but it is important to understand what common dog illnesses and health issues affect your pet. See below some common dog health issues that you can take care of at home.

Common Dog Health Issues

Common Dog Health Issues

Caring for paws and pads

Caring for your dog’s paws is just as important as caring for your own feet, if not more so as they have twice the amount! Common problems include blisters, cracked and torn pads, burnt paws from hot pavements, and matted fur between the toes. These can lead to walking problems due to pain, infections, and skin problems if your dog starts to lick and bite at their paws. Regularly check your dog’s paws for these issues, as well as looking for any foreign objects between their toes, such as stones, ticks and foxtails. Avoid walking your dog on surfaces that are too hot or covered in snow. Protection balms can be a good way to maintain paws or help them to heal after an injury to the pads. Look for a high-quality balm that’s organic and high in vitamins, such as Happiest Dog’s Premium Protection balm, which can also be used for snout care. Try it at happiestdog to sooth sore paws.

Repairing sore snouts

Common Dog Health Issues That You Can Care For At Home 1

A dog’s nose can indicate a lot about their overall health, but it can also show that the snout just needs a little care and attention. For example, blood on the nose can be a sign of a tumor in the nose, a bleeding disorder, or an abscessed tooth, or it can be a small cut on the nose that will heal without any issues. Cracks on the nose can be caused by cold air in the winter or dry summer weather and will need some soothing and moisturizing balm to help the problem heal, or it could indicate an immune condition or infection if it persists.

Cleaning doggy teeth

Common Dog Health Issues That You Can Care For At Home 2

Research has found that only 7% of dog owners brush their pet’s teeth daily, and 43% say they never clean their dog’s teeth. There’s not much difference in the need to brush dog’s teeth compared to humans, so neglecting this chore can lead to gum disease, decay, infections, and teeth needing to be extracted. Some dogs will let you brush their teeth, while others may resist. If your dog isn’t on board with having their teeth cleaned, try to rub some dog-friendly toothpaste on their teeth so that they’re coated, or find a product that can be mixed in with their food. Vets and groomers can help with teeth cleaning on a less frequent basis and can offer you tips. Some treats, chews and dog toys will also help to loosen and remove plaque on the teeth, but shouldn’t be used in place of regular brushing.

There are lots of little ways to care for your dog that can be done at home and help them to feel happier and healthier. If you’re ever unsure, always speak to a vet for guidance and specific advice for your dog.


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