There are many dog health problems. They range from ear infections to diarrhea among others. As a pet lover, it is your responsibility to take good care of your pet. This minimizes the risk of diseases and illness. Taking your pet for a routine wellness check enables you to discover potential health risks early enough. This article helps you to understand common health dog health problems and symptoms to watch out for. Read on.Common Dog Health Problems and their Symptoms 1

Common Dog Health Problems and Symptoms

Ear Infections

Ear infections are common canine health issues. They are caused by a number of reasons including excessive hair growth in the ear canal, ear mites, bacterial infection, allergies, and yeast. Often, a dog with an ear infection will display different symptoms including:

  • Bloody, brown or yellowish discharge from the ear.
  • Head tilting or shaking.
  • Scratching while making unusual back and forth movements.
  • Ear odor.


It is hard to miss parasites in the dog world. They include external and internal parasites such as ticks and intestinal worms. Roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms can make your dog very sick. Worms in many cases cause discomfort in puppies. In extreme cases, puppies lose weight and eventually die. In this regard, watch out for these symptoms

Common Dog Health Problems and their Symptoms 2

  • Unhealthy weight loss.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea (in most cases bloody and with roundworms).
  • A drastic change in appetite.
  • Dry and rough coat.
  • Poor general appearance.

With these symptoms in mind, take time to educate yourself more on dogs and worms. With the information, you can help your canine lead a parasite free life.


Vomiting is a common problem in dogs with plenty of potential causes. Kidney failure, ear infection and intestinal parasites can cause vomiting. A dog can suffer vomiting due to food poisoning and heatstroke. Symptoms of vomiting include:Common Dog Health Problems and their Symptoms 3

  • Drooling as a result of nausea.
  • Abdominal heaving.
  • Blood in vomit and diarrhea that appear uncontrolled.

It is essential to watch out for these symptoms and seek treatment within the shortest time possible. Remember, dehydration can be life-threatening.


Common Dog Health Problems and their Symptoms 4

Diarrhea is another common health problem in dogs with different causes. It can occur as a result of food issues, intestinal parasites, parvo-virus, and stress. In some cases, diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting. While two cases episodes of loose stool can be ignored, persistent diarrhea is a cause of alarm.

Symptoms of diarrhea are quite notable. Look out for liquid or watery stool. Your pooch may also have:

  • Bloody dark stool.
  • Loss of appetite.

In the event where diarrhea is accompanied by such symptoms, consult a vet immediately for treatment.

Skin Problems – Acute Moist Dermatitis

Dogs experience a wide range of skin problems characterized by scratching and itching. One of the most common skin problems is acute moist dermatitis. A dog with the condition has hot spots or inflamed areas on the skin. The spots are often small but when left untreated, they grow larger. Other symptoms include:

  • Common Dog Health Problems and their Symptoms 5
  • Abnormal appearance of the skin.
  • Reddish spots.
  • A dog can also appear quite miserable.

Note that fleas are a common cause for hot spots. Therefore, it is imperative to check your dog regularly for fleas and other parasites. Visit Hair Clippers Club at and get the best tools for regular cleaning, shaving and proper grooming to prevent dermatitis.

Urinary Tract Infections

Dogs are prone to urinary infections. This is a common health problem that is widely ignored for behavioral issues. You may think your pet is not getting proper training when it pees right in your living room. However, such habits are a clear sign of urinary tract infection. Other symptoms include:

  • Lethargy and increased thirst for water.
  • Excessive urination and in inappropriate places.

If you spot any of these symptoms, have the urine of your dog tested for infection.

Periodontal Disease

Dental issues are quite common. You may ignore this but it can pose a serious health issue to your dog. Do not overlook:

  • Bad breath.
  • Plague and tartar in your pet’s mouth.
  • Teeth and gum infection.

Common Dog Health Problems and their Symptoms 6Never ignore bad breath in your dog because it is not normal. It is a symptom of periodontal disease. It means there is a bacterial infection that can easily get into the bloodstream causing harm in the body. In severe cases, dental problems lead to kidney failure and heart disease in dogs. In this relevance, consider regular dental checks and adhere to a healthy oral routine for your pet. Prevention is vital.


It cannot go without mention that obesity is becoming a major concern in dog health. Obesity can cause diabetes, orthopedic issues, and heart problems. It is however, highly preventable through regular exercises and proper diet.

Note that these are just common dog health problems and they are not the only ones. Educate yourself more on dog health and never ignore a symptom if you to keep your dog in good health.


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