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Your Online Partners’ Dog Breed Will Tell More About His Character:In online dating, you always want to know more about your couple. This site has shared an interesting way to find out an online partner by the breed of dogs. You’ve found a great person to date online, and they even have a dog. Have you ever wondered what the type of dog a person has says about them? So have many other people, which is why this article is going to take a research perspective on the concept.online partner

Zoo Psychologists Have Proven That the Character of a Human and His Dog Breed Are Related

What kind of person is more likely to seek out a specific kind of dog? It might seem like a question that sounds odd to even consider. However, people who study the psychology of humans as they relate to animals have discovered that there is a significant overlap between how a person acts and how their dog will act.

According to the research, it would seem that dogs tend to take on the personality traits of humans that they spend a lot of time around. This can go either positively or negatively. For example, if you are a warm and outgoing person, then your dog could pick up on that trait. The same can be said for people that are more aggressive or worrisome than the average individual. Nothing is set in stone, though. It’s just that the experts were able to find out this interesting bit of information.

Find Out Your Online Couple’s Dog Breed and You Will Know More About Him

Another dimension of learning about how the dog someone owns relates to them is the breed of the dog. Sometimes, you’ll see a massive man own a small puppy dog that is really meek and timid. Other times, you could meet a man that has a massive pitbull that pulls its owner along for a walk. What does it all mean? According to the zoo psychologists, people pick their dogs with a specific concept and idea in mind. Thus, if you see the dog breed that someone picks, then you will have some insight into the kind of person they are, so long as they are the ones that chose the dog.

Dog Breeds and Types of People

Online Partners' Dog Breed

What do all of the dog breeds say about their owner? Here are some likely relations between the dog and the owner that you should keep an eye on when you see one in a dating profile.


Your Online Partners' Dog Breed Will Tell More About His Character 1

People with small dog breeds are looking for love and connection. They crave loyalty and they don’t feel the need for added protection- they’re fine on their own. While women are often the ones pictured with these dogs, men own them just as often. You’re dealing with a gentle soul.


Your Online Partners' Dog Breed Will Tell More About His Character 2

Boxers are known for being heavy, loving, and very active dogs. That means that the owner is going to be someone that is loving and physically capable of keeping up with the dog. They’re also very silly and playful, both the dog and the owner.

Pit Bull

Your Online Partners' Dog Breed Will Tell More About His Character 3

This is a toss-up. These dogs are owned by people seeking a partner that will protect them, meaning they’re someone that needs a partner that is going to watch their back in a romance. They could be a little gruff on the outside. As for the inside, that’s a little harder to get to know. If you spend some time with them on an online dating service, you can peel away the layers and really find out what kind of man or woman you’re dating.

Siberian Huskies

Your Online Partners' Dog Breed Will Tell More About His Character 4

The owners of these dogs admire the natural beauty and they have a lot of energy. You’re likely to find sports lovers and players owning these dogs, and they’ll usually have a pair. For a woman, this is someone that loves to be in the fray, especially in matters of love. For men, they’re often hard workers, but they love to relax at home with their pups.

There is something to be said about every man and woman along with the dogs that they own. However, you need to realize that there is a lot more to these breeds that these brief descriptions and the same goes for their owners. Still, this is a good starting point.

People Often on A Photo Dating Profile Look Like Their Dogs

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Have you ever heard that people look like their dogs? That’s not because they’re morphing their faces, of course. It’s just that people tend to pick dogs that mimic their personality and lifestyle. A fit, young man is going to have a fit, young pup. An old, grump guy is going to have a dog with a few extra pounds and an impatient look. It’s usually said in fun, but the saying does have a root in a real life.

You can learn a lot about a person by the company they keep. That can go for a dog as well as a human. An online dating profile will tell you a lot about a person, especially if they have a certain kind of dog in their pictures. Based on what we’ve learned here, there are a number of things to keep in mind when you find a man or woman with a dog in their profile. However, you’ll be able to pick out plenty of information about your date just based on the sort of dog they keep around them.



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