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For pet owners, travel brings up the primary concern of what to do with their beloved pets. If you think it is best to Travel Safely with Your Pet, then the next step is to sort out their travel plans alongside yours.

How To Travel Safely with Your Pet  1

Fortunately, the travel industry has evolved enough to accommodate pets. That said, it is your responsibility to check whether your travel means can support pet transport until your final destination. So here are some useful tips on handling pet travel, be it in a car, flight, ship or a train.

Pets in carsHow To Travel Safely with Your Pet  2

Have a Pet Carrier 

The safest way for your pets to travel is in a crate secured with a seat belt. Even if it is your emotional support cat, a carrier is most recommended for their comfort. If your dog is bigger, then you can opt for dog restraints or seat belts that will keep them sitting in one place. Pets roaming inside the vehicle could put their head outside, or injure themselves. 

Save the Front Seat for Humans

It doesn’t matter if you are alone with your pet; animals in the front seat can easily distract you from driving. Moreover, while your pet is on the passenger seat, an airbag deployed could harm them, even if they are in a crate. 

Take Frequent Rest Stops 

Similar to humans, pets also need breaks during road trips. Take plenty of breaks to allow your pet to relieve themselves and stretch. While at it, always make sure they have an ID, a leash, and a collar. On the other hand, if you make a quick stop, do not leave your pet alone in the vehicle. Even with the slightly opened windows, the heat could cause irreversible damage to your pet’s organs, or worse, could lead to their death. 

Pets in Airplanes

Check with the AirlineHow To Travel Safely with Your Pet  3

Flying with your pet involves a lot more hurdles by flights than by any other means. Some airlines allow passengers to take their small pets in cabins for an additional fee; however, you have to call in advance to confirm whether your specific flight has the option. The size requirements determine whether your pets can travel in a carrier inside the cabin or in the cargo. 

Book Direct Flights and Fly with your Pet 

The fewer the connections, the easier it is to travel with pets. Each flight might have different requirements, and you will not have to go through the procedure all over again. You can also ask the airline whether it is possible to see your pet getting loaded into the cargo.

Get your Pet Ready for Flight 

Make sure that both your pet and the carrier have a label with your name, contact information, and phone number. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that pets get a medical check-up before flight journeys. Familiarize them at least a few

travel Safely with Your Petweeks before the flight with the carrier. Do not use any tranquilizer unless prescribed by their veterinarian and do not feed them four hours before the trip. Give them water or put ice cubes in the tray in the carrier if it lines with the airline policies. 

Examine your Pet after the FlightHow To Travel Safely with Your Pet  4

It is not uncommon for airlines to lose their pet cargo, or even send it to another passenger. Carry a current photo of your pet in case you need to have a search. Air transport is quite stressful for animals who are not used to travel. As soon as you land, open the carrier in a safe place to examine your pet.

Pets in Ships 

Only a few cruise lines encourage pets on board, except for assistance dogs. Depending on your cruise, the regulations as well the requirements would vary. Some allow pets in private cabins, while confined to kennels. Before you confirm travel by sea, be certain that your pets can endure the environment and stay healthy onboard. 

Pets in Trains How To Travel Safely with Your Pet  5

While pets are commonly allowed in trains in European countries, only a few US railway companies permit pets. However, keep in mind that not all pets are allowed on board and those who are should meet the specific conditions. It would be the pet owner’s responsibility to feed and exercise your dogs at the station stops. 

Owners might have to make some sacrifices on the length of the flight or even their destination to ensure pet-friendly transport and accommodation is available. However, the trends are changing, and the travel industry is increasingly making arrangements to keep pet-owners happy. With enough preparation and precaution, it is no longer impossible to take them on vacation with you.




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