For those of us who are proud parents of a dog or any pet for that matter, we know that having one and caring for one is no less than caring for a little baby. You have to feed them from time to time, make sure they sleep well, spend an endless night watching over them even if they show the slightest symptom of any disease and most of all keep them engaged and entertained constantly. Some might even go on to say that caring for a baby is easier than caring for a dog since babies can convey their state of mind through laughing and crying, but a pet can seldom do that. It takes a lot for us to familiarise with them and hence it is completely our responsibility to understand how they are feeling most of the time.

Talking about feelings, it must be said that vacations without our beloved pets are very hard especially for them given they are left alone at home with no one to care for them. It is not particularly easy on us either. We can be relaxing in one of the luxurious Maui beach rentals soaking in the beautiful sun while the gentle waves caress out feet, still as soon as a sudden image of our furry little friend flashes in front of our eyes, our holiday can just turn into a festival of chronic depression. However, clearly, it is harder on the other party, given that they are left alone with no assurance of our return as they cope with our sudden absence from their lives. No wonder they are ecstatic the moment we set our foot inside our homes when we return from a trip.


However, the point of the matter is, this whole ordeal can be easily avoided if only we are ready to read on a few tips on how to travel easily with our pets. This is only legitimate since we consider it a folly to leave out any particular family member out of a family vacation, we should not leave our little friends as well. Especially when it is extremely hard on both them as well as us.


There is a preconceived notion that travelling with our pets is an exhausting idea given there are many permission related issues when it comes to transportation, accommodation etcetera. But let me make this clear to you, these regulations have been eased considerably over the last decade and it is only valid in some places now. And if we are willing enough, those places can be avoided. Though the protocols while travelling with an animal differ on various transportation routes, it has been made convenient over the past few years. However, the trick of the trade for a safe and happy journey is to strictly follow the protocols.


Here are a few easy tips which you can follow to make the process of travelling with your pet way more comfortable and hassle-free. And always remember, it is important to make all members of your family feel included, especially if you are embarking on a fun vacation.


  1. Plan, plan and plan

Fix the location and the mode of transportations before you engage or indulge in any other planning. Since there are rules and regulations in a lot of flights as well as in a lot of hotels regarding the inclusion of pets, it is important that you get full details on your transportation as well as accommodation stays wherever you are going. Too bad if it doesn’t work out, but you have to change the choice of your location if taking your pet along is your first and foremost priority.

  1. Comfort is key

Make sure your pet is comfortable. Remember it is about them. It is their trip and it is your responsibility to make them feel as much at home as possible. Also, knowing the endurance capability of your pet is extremely important. He might not be old enough or mentally strong enough to embark on a long journey or travel alone in a flight compartment. Hence it is extremely important to make sure that you are responsible parents who know about their child fully and can take their responsibility and make sure they have fun while on a vacation.


  1. Get your pet checked up

Make sure they have a full check-up done before going on or even deciding on going on a trip. If your dog is prone to cold, you would rather have a vacation on a beach spot rather than a mountain. Also, most international or national transport systems allow a pet to travel only after they see a verified good health certificate. So, it is a prerogative that your pet has a full health check-up first before you go pack your bags.


  1. A little care goes a long way

Meticulously take care of everything from their sanitation issues to their hunger problems. Carry back up food and food bowls and puppy pods and make sure that hygiene and hunger are not issues or impediments when you are travelling with your little ones.


  1. Keep toys handy

We know that travelling in itself is quite a hassle. And there are ten thousand extra things on your mind when you are travelling with pets. But they are also prone to boredom or panic-like us, and since they cannot express themselves it can lead to disruptive behaviour on their part. Carry toys that they like and keep them engaged throughout the tip.

And most of all remember, love and care can fix every situation when it comes to your beloved pet.


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