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Dogs are considered a man’s best friend and companion. In the past, we have seen a dog act as therapists, and smooshy friends who help us feel loved. However, there are some dog breeds that you shouldn’t get as we share here.

1. The Belgian Malinois15 Dog Breeds You May Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get 1

The Belgian Malinois might get mistaken as a German shepherd by many. Although they are an excellent military or guard dog, they have an aggressive temperament that is usually not suitable for small households with small children and those with outdoor cats nearby.

2. The BullmastiffBullmastiff Dog Breed Information

The Bullmastiff is also a guard dog with a brain of its own. Irrespective of how much they are trained, it is never enough for them to become obedient. They exhibit aggressive behavior near children and isn’t seen as a pet for first-time dog owners.

3. The Australian Cattle DogCattle Dog head with an alert expression

Also known as a Queensland breed, an Australian Cattle Dog is not a house pet and loves roaming in the wild. They are bold, gets bored easily, they need a lot of active participation and activities while being highly dominant in front of other pets and dogs. They may develop health issues as they grow old that includes glaucoma, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and hearing problems.

4. The Australian Shepherd15 Dog Breeds You May Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get 2

An Australian Shepherd can be both calm, and hyperactive. They require a considerable amount of physical activity, or else they start barking. The breed is not suitable for first-time owners, and homes who do not like stubborn, suspicious, or destructive behavior.

5. The Korean JindoJindo laying in the grass outdoors.

Many Korean Jindo suffers from hypothyroidism that results in loss of hair and a thin coat. Although they are a loyal and faithful companion, they can bully other dogs, they are quick to run away if off-leash and adult Jindo can never adjust with other small dogs and cats. But there can be exceptions.

6. The Bulldogs15 Dog Breeds You May Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get 3

Bulldogs are highly lovable and smooshy faced dogs, but they also have a number of health issues. Bulldogs have food allergies that cause ear inflammation and gas, they need a considerable amount of wrinkle care else their skin might catch yeast infection, and their medical bills might be expensive for some.

7. The German ShepherdGerman Shepherd Dog wearing a police vest running through a field.

Many pet owners look for the tough German shepherd as their preferred pet, especially in geographies with long winters. However, they have many fatal health issues such as canine hip dysplasia, dysplasia, degenerative, skin allergies, and throat diseases. They also shed the year-round, have an aggressive temperament, and need a job to stay focused or engaged with. Irrespective, they are deeply attached to their owners and need close attention.

8. The Rhodesian Ridgeback15 Dog Breeds You May Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get 4

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are usually prey driven and aggressive. They love to dig and might end up destroying your yard. Without the right set of training, it’s hard for them to stay obedient while barking at strangers not known to them. Moreover, they have health issues such as dysplasia, thyroid problems, while they also need a well scheduled healthy diet.

9. The Weimaraner15 Dog Breeds You May Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get 5

A Weimaraner is usually beautiful to look at but require a lot of attention and feels separation anxiety when ample attention is not given. They need excess exercise routines, are usually aggressive in front of other animals and dog breeds, require a highly confident owner and can cause massive destruction without the right set of training.

10. The Tibetan Mastiffs15 Dog Breeds You May Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get 6

A Tibetan Mastiffs will remain watchful when guarding livestock. They are not very playful, and not every owner can keep them happy. It takes specialist skills to keep this breed calm, while it favors rugged terrain, hikes, and high jumping. A Tibetan Mastiffs is a large and aggressive dog, sheds heavily, and needs supervision and control to keep itself calm. Not every home can accept a Tibetan Mastiffs.

11. The Saint Bernard15 Dog Breeds You May Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get 7

A Saint Bernard prefer spacious and roomy homes, with plenty of playtimes, long walks and exercises. If left alone, they can become highly destructive and aggressive behavior. Because they need a lot of space due to excess weight, they are not for small homeowners. They are always drooling, and catch health issues and allergies like bone cancer known as osteosarcoma, elbow and hip dysplasia, and major eye issues such as osteochondrosis.

12. The Akita Breed15 Dog Breeds You May Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get 8

A pet owner may find an Akita quiet and simple, but it is difficult to raise an Akita because they are silent hunters. They have a complex personality that finds it hard to interact with other pets, making it highly risky to have animals around. a trainer might also find it hard to train an Akita due to their stubborn and assertive nature. Because an Akita needs proper attention and respect, it’s not recommended for first-time dog owners. It is believed that an Akita increases the chance of legal liability for their owners.

13. Schipperke15 Dog Breeds You May Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get 9

The Schipperke breed is a highly independent, active, and extremely agile animal. They demand respect and do not adjust with less confident owners. It is important to keep a Schipperke on a leash because they can be destructive at home, and suspicious around other animals and strangers. Although they do not have major health issues, come include cataracts, hypothyroidism, and a childhood hip disorder known as Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.

14. The Great Dane15 Dog Breeds You May Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get 10

A Great Dane needs more space than a regular dog as they think they are small and don’t like being cramped in small studio apartments. Great Danes drool a lot and might feel drained and shy if they are not taken out to socialize on a regular basis. They might feel distrustful if they are not trained, or treated harshly by their owners. They might feel anxious when left alone and have a short lifespan due to major health issues like heart diseases, gastric torsion and cancer.

15. The Pekingese15 Dog Breeds You May Want But Probably Shouldn’t Get 11

The Pekingese is perfect friendly lap dogs but have protruding eyes that are prone to injuries while playing with other animals. It’s a small breed that feels exhausted in summers and high maintenance to manage their furry coat. They love sniffing around and feel best around confident owners.



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