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There are some dog training tricks that are best left to professional trainers to teach. Check out the tricks that are difficult for owners to teach themselves.

One of the best parts of getting a new puppy is teaching them tricks. There are some that your new fur friend will be able to get right away. 4 Dog Training Tricks That Are Hard to Teach on Your Own 1

Other dog training tricks, well it can take a little bit for those to sink in. Especially if you have a more stubborn breed. Even tricks that seem easy such as spin and wait can be difficult for them to learn.

You may end up having to seek out the help of a professional. Keep reading to find out what these tricks are and how you may be able to teach them to your new pup.

  1. Speak 4 Dog Training Tricks That Are Hard to Teach on Your Own 2

Dogs bark when they see the mailman, notice a squirrel, or if they hear a person come home. Trying to teach them to bark on command though, that’s a different story. The best way to teach them this one is by teaching them the “quiet” command first.

Once they get quiet down, then you can start with the speak command. Don’t expect them to get the hang of this fast. For a while, all you may get is blank stares and head tilts.

  1. Wait 4 Dog Training Tricks That Are Hard to Teach on Your Own 3

The reason why you may have to enlist in private dog training for this one is that dogs tend to get the wait and stay commands confused. You use the wait command in a situation where you’re offering them a treat or some other reward.

You want them to wait so they don’t try and snatch their reward away. You use the stay command when you want them to stay in a room that they’re in.

  1. Spin

Spin should be an easy trick for them to learn but it can be rather difficult. For a lot of dogs, the simple “spin” verbal command isn’t enough to make it stick in their heads. Grab a treat in order to gain their attention.

Hold the treat above their heads and move it in a circular motion. In theory, they should follow your hand. Some dogs are stubborn though and are more interested in what you have in your hand.

  1. Pick Up Toys  4 Dog Training Tricks That Are Hard to Teach on Your Own 4

This is a great trick to teach your dog because it saves you the pain of stepping on a hard dog toy that got left in the middle of the floor. Not only is the trick difficult to teach a dog but it’s kind of tedious.

You’ve got to throw their toy, guide them to their box, and then give them treats when they manage to plop it in the right place. That doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that you have to restart the process every time your dog drops the toy.

Dog Training Tricks That Should Be Left to the Professionals

4 Dog Training Tricks That Are Hard to Teach on Your Own 5

The best part of having a new puppy is teaching them all kinds of neat new tricks. While some of them are easy to pick up, there are others that aren’t so easy.

Call up a professional and get your suborn pup started with the amazing dog training tricks on this list.

Training isn’t the only important part of raising a dog. Check out our blog daily for even more posts like this one.



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