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More than 50% of Australian are unhappy with their jobs.Because you will spend a significant portion of your life at work, finding meaningful and satisfying work should indeed be everyone’s focus.5 Reasons Why Becoming a Dog Trainer Is the Best Job Ever 11

Granted, you can make career changes, but these transitions can be expensive and disruptive to both your career and your personal life.The idea is to find a career you can fall in love with.

Here are five reasons why you should consider becoming a dog trainer if you love dogs.

1. The Service is in High Demand

Millions of Australians own dogs.However, their love for dogs does not necessarily equate with their knowledge of dogs. This is where you come in.See, dogs have their own way of communicating, which is vastly different from human communication.5 Reasons Why Becoming a Dog Trainer Is the Best Job Ever 12

This then creates problems because as much as humans love their dogs, they cannot understand what their pets are trying to express.

With more people owning dogs and seeing their dogs as valuable members of their family, the need to understand and communicate with their dogs is becoming more important.

This means more demand for dog trainers.

2. You Have Adequate Support

If you’re keen on becoming a dog trainer, you will never be short on helpful resources to build your career.

This is everything from formal dog training classes to the skills you will need to become a successful dog trainer.This availability of information helps you plan out your dog training career, identify challenges and find possible solutions.

3. Flexibility5 Reasons Why Becoming a Dog Trainer Is the Best Job Ever 13

Most dog trainers love the flexibility their job accords them.

As a dog trainer, you are not tied to an 8 to 5, neither are you bound to an office location.

Similarly, you can view this as an avenue for extra income and work part-time, or, you can work full time by scheduling work over typical working hours.

You can schedule clients during times of day that are comfortable for you. Ultimately, this gives you a work-life balance sought after by many.

If you love to travel, you can take jobs in any part of Australia, allowing you to combine your love for travel with your passion for dogs.

4. You Can Be Your Own Boss

Many people dream of working for themselves. This dream is not far off for dog trainers.

You can choose to be employed in training schools, dog training institutions, dog rescue centres and so on, or you can choose to work for yourself.5 Reasons Why Becoming a Dog Trainer Is the Best Job Ever 14

All you need to get certified, get all the licences in place and market your business to get a good number of clients.

This business has minimal capital requirements which is a plus.

If the idea of building a business from scratch and possibly creating employment appeals to you, then dog training should be a top consideration.

Besides the dog training itself, you can train trainers, create a blog and even run an online store for all things dogs. This can be anything from outfits, collars, treats, food, and so on.

5. Job Satisfaction is Unparalleled5 Reasons Why Becoming a Dog Trainer Is the Best Job Ever 15

For you to be considering this line of work means you must love dogs.

This means that you will derive a lot of satisfaction from interacting with dogs all day.

You will also get a lot of satisfaction from seeing your clients understand and interact with their dogs better. In the process , everyone is happy. You will increase the percentage of dog lovers who are happy with their pets while in pursuit of your own happiness.

Sound Good?

If the idea of becoming a dog trainer sounds appealing to you, then it’s time to give it serious consideration.Start by identifying a credible school to learn training skills at and take it from there.



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