In this modern age in which we all live, we’re busier than ever, but we still care for our family pets. Our time is more valuable than ever, which is why technology has helped us with our daily lives for the last decade or so. With the costs of technology improving all the time, the latest gadgets are becoming easier on our budgets to purchase for not just ourselves but for our animals too. Tech Gadgets for your pests?


This article covers the latest tech that can give your pet a better quality of life:

Worry less with pet tracker apps

Everyone is affected differently when a pet goes missing, but it’s always a worrying situation to be in. Fortunately, the advancement of technology has made it possible to obtain pet tracking devices which are compact and cost-effective. It’s not just pet trackers that are accessible now but also pet finding apps such as Shadow App.

Pet trackers are a great piece of tech for your pets, especially cats and dogs. There are plenty of options to choose from with a wide variety of features.

The most sought after feature is accurate GPS tracking. With this enabled, the device can report back to an app with the location of your pet within just a couple of meters. There are other smart features available too, such as geofencing, which can send an alert to your mobile if your pet goes outside of a defined boundary.

Pet trackers are a great way to give you peace of mind but also excellent for your pet’s quality of life. This is because you can let them off the lead more often, or out in the garden for longer while not having to worry about losing them.

Technology can improve your pet’s health

Every business seems to have an app these days. The same is true for your local vet. Many vets now offer an option to track your pet’s health via a mobile app. This is a great way to keep all of your pet’s medical records safe and accessible.

Many apps will let you book an appointment directly with the vet and pay your bills. This is all fantastic but how does it help your pet? Push notifications from your vet’s office will remind you to bring your pet in for routine vaccinations, followups, and health checks. Keeping your pet’s vaccines and health checks up to date will ultimately help to keep your pet healthy.

We run busy lives

As much as we try to care for our pets as best we can, there are times when we fall short of our own expectations. An example that comes to mind is when we are running late to get back home to feed our pets. Meetings over running and traffic are a common cause of this.

The good news is that there are smart tech devices that can help make sure we can always feed our pets, even when we are not at home.

Remote pet feeding devices allow us to remotely open food and water containers so that our pets are not neglected when we are late home. Naturally, you don’t want to be using these devices all of the time, but they are a great example of how technology can help our pet’s quality of life even when we cannot be around.

Comfort when you are away

We know that our pets are comforted by their families’ voices and presence. When we are away from home, at work or on a short break out pets become nervous because they don’t know when we will be back. It can be comforting for both our pets and ourselves to be able to communicate with one another when away from home.

It is for this reason why pet speakers are becoming more commonplace. These devices allow two way sound between your mobile app and the speaker device at home. Having this ability is comforting for sure and eases anxiety levels of your pets because they can hear you even if you are not present.

Another option for some of the pet speakers is video. Not only are we able to communicate with our animals but we can also see them from anywhere in the world. Now we can check in on their visible health and general demeanor to ensure that they are safe and healthy.

Wrap up

In summary, we all want the best for our pets. Technology advancements have made it easier than after to adopt smart devices to help improve the wellbeing of our much-loved animals. No longer does letting your dog off the lead in the park or getting tusk in traffic have to be a negative experience for your pets.



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