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It can be worrisome whenever your cat is down with diabetes. However, it is not the end of the world as there are steps you can take . The administration of insulin to your cat with diabetes is a step that anyone can learn and carry out.How Do I Give Insulin to My Cat? 13

For those who may find this surprising, cats too can have diabetes. For pet owners who suddenly discover that their beloved cat has become diabetic, it is normal to be worried and anxious. This is true especially when you know you have to administer injections of insulin to your cat. The best thing about this is that it is quite easy and stress-free to administer insulin for cats.

In this piece, you will learn all that is to the handling and storage of insulin, steps to working out an excellent injection routine. The piece also outlines the steps on how to correctly give insulin injections to a cat.

Storage and Handling of InsulinHow Do I Give Insulin to My Cat? 14

The best way to go about this is to adhere to the storage instructions printed on the product by the manufacturer. The insulin will always come with very informative details on the best way to go about keeping and handling it. Your first step should be taking the time to read and understand these details. In a case where you do not understand any aspect of the instructions, consult your veterinary doctor.

Storing the Insulin Until When Needed

Insulin is a type of protein and if you do not store it properly, it will be destroyed. In order to prevent the degradation, insulin has to be stored under specific temperature conditions. It is most ideal to store insulin inside a refrigerator. You will know if the insulin has been damaged when the color changes. The same goes if it has been kept in a hot environment. In any of these cases, you will need to get rid of it and get a new insulin bottle.

Mixing the InsulinHow Do I Give Insulin to My Cat? 15

Once the insulin is confirmed to be intact, the next step is to carefully roll it between both hands. Do this a couple of times to ensure there is proper mixing. Do not shake the insulin under any circumstance. This is to prevent the formation of bubbles.

Fixing the Needle

Get a neat syringe needle and detach the needle guard. Then turn the insulin container upside down. The next step is to push the needle into the rubber stopper that is used to cover the mouth of the bottle.

Filling up the SyringeHow Do I Give Insulin to My Cat? 16

The appropriate quantity of must be used here. Pull the plunger and fill the syringe with the appropriate quantity of insulin. Do not guess the amount and if you are not sure, then reach out to your veterinary doctor for the precise quantity. Once the right amount has been established, push the plunger in so the insulin is in the bottle. Then, get the insulin inside the syringe again for the second time. The essence of this is to stop the formation of air bubbles in the syringe. Bubbles will prevent proper measurement of the dosage. Once again, check the syringe itself so you are sure of the appropriate dosage. If you are not sure, do not guess but confirm again with your vet specialist.

Storage and HandlingHow Do I Give Insulin to My Cat? 17

With the right dosage confirmed, keep the insulin container in the refrigerator. Replace the safety cap on the syringe and then keep it in a safe place. Do not keep the syringe in areas where kids or pets can stumble upon it. A cupboard is a good location for storage. You do not need to get the syringe again until the next time an injection for the cat is needed.

Injection Routine

The injection can be done once or twice in 24 hours. It all depends on the recommendations from your vet specialist. But irrespective of the routine that is used, it is best advised that you give the insulin the same time on a daily basis. Administer the insulin injection shortly after the cat has eaten without any delay. This is to make sure that the glucose level in your cat’s blood does not plunge with devastating consequences.

Injecting the Cat

Let the cat eat first before you give the insulin. Do not administer the injection while the cat is still eating. Let the cat take its time to finish and enjoy the meal. Relax your cat by slightly massaging it before giving the injection.How Do I Give Insulin to My Cat? 18

In a case where the cat is restless during the injection, you can get someone’s help to assist in holding the cat or give the cat some time. Let the cat be on a flat surface, ensure it is calm then proceed to inject. Pick the syringe containing the insulin, remove the safety cap and hold using the dominant hand. Using your index finger and the thumb, pinch the skin of the cat on the back or abdomen so it assumes an upside-down U shape.

Let the needle enter at 45 degrees angle, be gentle, fix your thumb on the plunger as the needle goes in. Swiftly push the plunger in using the thumb and pull out the needle without delay. Then give a proper reward to your cat – a reassuring pet or even a snack will be good.



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