How to make a dog happy? If you already have a pet dog, then you’re aware of how easily entertained they are. It doesn’t take much effort to get them up and excited as they are little bundles of joy that would play on command. Sometimes, you may see that your dog isn’t getting as excited as it once used to, and this article is going to tell you all about how you can get your dog to wag their tail as much as they used to before and possibly even more.3 of the Best Kept Secrets on How to Make a Dog Happy 11

Contrary to what many people believe, dogs understand emotion and can receive these emotions and reciprocate them back with ease. You need to bear in mind what these emotions are in order to raise a healthy and happy dog. Whether they’re well-fed, safe, and are shown affection, a dog needs more than just an ‘owner’. They need a companion they can trust, a guide, and a friend. 

Here Are 3 Secrets That Can Make Your Dog Happy:

Keep your dog active 

One of the leading reasons in dogs developing some sort of depression is the amount of time they spend all by themselves while everyone’s away. Dogs sitting at home without any sort of entertainment can make them sad and bored and this usually affects them a lot in the long-term. Hiding some snacks around the house for your dog to find or getting it a bunch of toys it can play with while you’re gone can lift its spirits greatly and help it stay happy even while you’re away. 

3 of the Best Kept Secrets on How to Make a Dog Happy 12

These activities can also be ideal if the weather isn’t that great and you’re forced to be stuck at home; you can easily keep your dog active even when you’re stuck indoors.  However, when the weather is great, take your dog out for some sunshine. Your dog needs regular exercise as well to feel happy. Consider taking them out for regular walks at the park or around the neighborhood. Play fetch, jog with your dog, or go hiking and enjoy some active time in the sunshine. 

Stay up-to-date with any dog-related news3 of the Best Kept Secrets on How to Make a Dog Happy 13

The best way to keep a dog happy is to never upset them, and that’s difficult for most dog owners who aren’t aware of many different facts about dogs like the foods they should stay away from. Having a dog requires full commitment and dedication to provide these gorgeous creatures with all the love, care, and affection. And even if you’re an experienced dog owner, it wouldn’t hurt to keep reading up about dog care facts and guides that will 3 of the Best Kept Secrets on How to Make a Dog Happy 14benefit you. 

Certain websites dedicate themselves to providing a fixed flow of content that helps dogowners better understand their dogs. Experienced dog owners over at regularly post articles that help you learn about the things that you should/shouldn’t do with your dog, so that you’re familiar with even the smallest details that might brighten your dog’s day, or even prevent bad things from happening to them from foods they shouldn’t eat. Read up on everything related to dogs to fully understand your pet so you can show them you love them in a way they understand.

Dedicate some time towards teaching your dog new tricks    

Beach Dog Chase

Dogs have great instincts, and they’re interactive creatures. Many dog owners should continuously stimulate their dogs mentally. If you haven’t noticed it yet, dogs are very schedule-based thinkers. They usually track the time of day and understand when they should expect their food or when they’re going to go out for a walk. The moment they see you during that time of day, they’re usually extremely happy as they get to spend quality time with you. 

Dedicating more time, even a measly 5-10 minutes a day, to teach them some cool tricks regularly can make them feel extraordinarily happy. Take them on new pathways, allow them to explore new areas, take them with you on errands, or even give them new items to play with, smell, or fetch. The more activities you have with your dog on a daily basis, the happier they usually turn out to be.3 of the Best Kept Secrets on How to Make a Dog Happy 15

Taking care of your pet requires a lot of affection as dogs can usually tell whether you’re being loving or not. This affects them greatly as dogs enjoy your company a lot more than you know and once they feel like they aren’t wanted around you, they might start to become a little distant. Showing your dog that you love them is bound to get them in a good mood.


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